Edmen Shahbazyan details split from former manager Ronda Rousey

When UFC fighter Edmen Shahbazyan went on a three-fight losing streak, after being touted as one of the sport’s next prospects, there was bound to be a change in his career.

“I got signed off The Contender [Series] when I was 20 and had my UFC debut 10 days after turning 21,” Shahbazyan told MMA Fighting. “I’ve got lots of time. The MMA community, you know how they are. You don’t do good once or a few times, they’re going to s*** on you, it is what it is. That’s what makes the MMA fans cool, too and unique. I’m young, I’m going to improve.”

Some of the changes he made were relocating to Las Vegas and getting a new MMA manager.

“Going off my past two fights, I feel a change was definitely needed and it was long overdue,” Shahbazyan said. “I looked at my options to see where I can be that I feel I can unleash my full potential and I believe Vegas had the best thing. I’m away from distractions. I can concentrate on training. Of course, you have the Strip here if you’re going to get wild but if you stay out of the Strip, for a fighter you can train here, go home and rest, come back to train, go home, rest. It’s a fighter’s life here.

“Of course the gyms, the high level partners to work with. There’s a lot of good guys out here and constantly coming in because of having fights. It’s great. I look at my last few fights and a change was needed so this was the best choice.”

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One of the biggest changes for Shahbazyan was leaving his old management, former women’s champion Ronda Rousey and Edmond Tarverdyan and signing with Dominance MMA’s Ali Abdelaziz.

“I needed to change,” Shahbazyan said. “It was time. It was definitely time for me. It could have been done sooner but now I’m just happy to be here and get the new work in. I have not talked [to them] since I left. From my end, I have a good relationship [with them]. I don’t have any problem. All respect cause I respect what they’ve done for me but on my end, I’m good.”

“I haven’t talked to [Ronda] in say a few months. I don’t have anything against her, respect from my end. As far as my end, I don’t have no ill will.”