by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
One of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s top lightweight up-and-comers, Frankie Edgar is preparing to step into the cage again, this time to face Gray Maynard in Broomfield, Colo., for the latest installment of UFC Fight Night.

The UFC hasn’t been to Colorado in years, and the venue’s location does possibly provide at least one interesting challenge for the men who will be competing there… it’s a mile high.

It raises the question of whether the higher (than average) altitude will affect the fighters’ performance in the cage. Edgar, however, is not concerned.

“I think you give yourself a couple of days to get acclimated to it and you’re pretty much good to go.”

According to the man dubbed “The Answer,” though, it is not wondering about how the altitude may or may not affect your performance or worrying about your opponent’s strategy for the fight that drives you crazy, but simply the anticipation of the upcoming event.

Edgar stated, “The anticipation is just nuts, you just want to get in there.”

When he does step into the Octagon on April 2, he will be looking to do two things. First and foremost he wants to leave the Octagon a winner, all fighters do. But secondly, Edgar said, “Hopefully I get to show something new. I’m continually trying to improve my game, so I hopefully I get to show something new.”

Many fighters have conveyed that the relentless day-in, day-out training that they experience can become monotonous over a two to three month training camp, and Edgar is no different. He constantly looks for ways to mix up his routine.

“I change it up a lot… whether it’s conditioning or circuit training in the morning or evening or wrestling or jiu-jitsu in the morning or evening, I just try to mix it up a lot.”

If Edgar is indeed victorious over Maynard in Colorado, he will have strung together a line of victories over such names as Tyson Griffin (11-1 in his career), Mark Bocek (5-1 in his career), Spencer Fisher (20-4 in his career) and Gray Maynard (4-0 in his career).

With UFC wins over opponents like the aforementioned, at only 26 years of age, Edgar is a man who well could be at the top of the heap in the lightweight division for many years to come.
As the number in his win column continues to grow, many fans are now considering Edgar to be one of the top contenders in the lightweight class and are expecting him to receive a title fight if he can string together just a couple more wins.

Where does Edgar thinks he stands in the UFC’s lightweight division?

“I consider I’m one of the top dogs in the weight. It may take one or two (more fights), it may take three or four; whatever it is, I’m cool with it. I just want to fight tough guys, and fighting tough guys will get me that title shot.”

He continued, “In order to be the best you’ve got to beat the best, you know what they say.”

So what does Edgar believe fans can expect to see when the fight between he and Maynard is underway?

“Excitement man, excitement. You know he comes forward, I come forward, it’ll be fun… good times.”