Eddy George says he’s just warming up after CES 63 win

August 25, 2021

With two wins to start of his pro career in 2020, lightweight Eddy George was looking to keep his winning ways going when he faced Tony Jackson at CES 63 on August 6.

Just as he did in his previous two pro bouts, George was able to pick up a first round finish, stopping Jackson via ground and pound just over two minutes into the fight to claim his third straight win.

“I feel I did good,” George told MMAWeekly.com. “I got the win. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. Just like everything I improve from it.

“I find some positive things from it and went back and dissected it and found some things, I wouldn’t say are negative, but things I should have done better at, which is good.”

While George isn’t one to micromanage his performances, he does try to not be completely content with things.

“I’m not the biggest critic but I’m always trying to find something I can get better at, and make those tweaks, and get back to the practice room and stay technically a bit more sound and try to grow my fight IQ each time,” said George.

“As a fighter you have to have that ego like you’re the best and whatnot, but at the same time you have be humble and realize you’re only as good as your next fight. And if you’re satisfied or happy or pride yourself on what you did in the fight you live in the past a little too much.”

As George puts it, there’s a constant desire to improve himself to get to the point where he has the kinds of fights that he can build his career on, which he hasn’t had yet just starting out his career.

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“There’s always someone who wants to beat you and embarrass you in front of all your friends, their friends, your family, so you have to stay hungry,” George said.

“You have that one fight, that one moment, that you’re most proud of, and I haven’t had that yet because all my fights I’ve had to date have been prerequisites to bring me to the bigger fights that I know I’ll be at in my future. I’m just warming up and paving my way.”

Putting what’s next in his career in the hands of matchmakers and his management, George is going to focus on getting back into training and being ready for whatever opportunity is presented to him next.

“Now that I’ve got this win I’ve got the ball going,” said George. “I’m injury-free. I’m taking a week off just to let the central nervous system get back as it should be after a long camp, then I’ll be in camp full-time again. I’ll be ready for a quick turnaround.

“They do their job, they bring it to our table, and then we go from there. As of right now there’s not someone they brought to the table where we said no we didn’t like that fight. I don’t pick fights. I don’t suggest names. We let the matchmakers do what they do and bring it to us and go from there.”