Eddie Wineland Gets 15 Stitches Following KO Win Over Jorgensen

Eddie Wineland became the first ever fighter to knockout Scott Jorgensen on Friday night, but didn’t come away unscathed.

The Indiana native traded shots with Jorgensen throughout the first and second rounds, with both landing heavy punches on the other.

One shot in particular opened a nasty cut over Wineland’s left eye, and once the fight was over just about everybody could see the cut was going to require some doctor’s work.

Well it sure did.

Following the event, Wineland tweeted a picture of his war wound stating ’15 stitches, thanks Scott!’.

15 stitches to close up the cut may sound painful, but Wineland getting his first ever win in the UFC along with a $40,000 ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus will surely make him feel better in the morning.

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