Eddie Alvarez Taking a Gamble with Contract Negotiations Heading into UFC on FOX 30

July 28, 2018

Former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez enters Saturday’s UFC on FOX 30 main event on the last fight of his contract. The rematch against Dustin Poirier may carry title shot implications in the lightweight division, but it’s also a risky business move for “The Underground King.”

Instead of signing a new contract with the fight promotion, Alvarez opted to fight out his current deal and take a gamble.

“I don’t think there’s any reason why not to. That’s why (I’m doing it). I haven’t been given any reason why not to. I guess that’s the best I can say it. If I was given enough that I thought, hey, it’s not worth the risk. I’d say, okay, I’m not going to roll the dice here. This is very good. This is what I feel I’m worth and I’m just going to keep going and do it, but I haven’t really been given a good enough offer to not take the risk that I’m willing to take,” the 34-year-old explained while appearing on The MMA Hour.

While Alvarez is taking a risk, he believes that he’ll eventually reach a deal and end his career with the UFC. 

“I think we’ll get a deal done for sure. We’re just not there yet. I know with the UFC you never know when you strike a deal, but I’m patient. I’ve learned to be patient because in the past I’ve gotten ahead of myself and maybe left a lot of money on the table,” he said. 

“I think I bring a lot of value, and when I fight I make this company a lot of money and I make a lot of fans excited. I want to be shared with a little big more than what I’m being shared with; that’s all.”

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Alvarez doesn’t think he and the UFC are that far off from reaching an agreement.  He wants what he believes that he’s worth, and says it’s not that much more than what the promotion has offered. 

“What I’m asking for is not just what I feel I deserve right now. I mean, in the past eight fights, I look at who I fought, co-main and main events, some of the largest cards in UFC history,” he said.  “I’ve been involved in some pretty lucrative things and I felt like I should be shared with a little more considering. It is what it is. That’s business. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.”