Ed Ruth Plans to Work His Striking Against David Mundell at Bellator 178

April 19, 2017

Over the course of his first two MMA fights, there’s been little that middleweight prospect Ed Ruth hasn’t done correctly.

In his bouts against Dustin Collins-Miles and Emanuele Palombi, Ruth has spent a total of just under five minutes in picking up two TKO victories.

“I feel like I performed well, but there’s not much footage or (cage) time to go off of,” Ruth told MMAWeekly.com. “I’m definitely looking forward to having a match that does go the full 15 minutes because I’ll have more feedback from that. But as far as how things have gone down, I’m happy for it.”

While Ruth may be critical of how much time he’s spent in his actual fights, having them both within a span of a month of each other was something he enjoyed.

Ed Ruth - Bellator“I kind of like having them back to back,” said Ruth. “It gives me less time to think about. I feel the more time you have to think about a fight, the more time you have to worry about it or prepare for it. Since my first fight I’ve felt like I was prepared, I was in shape and ready for it.”

Having had success in the amateur wrestling ranks, Ruth feels like he’s been making good progress in his transition to MMA over the first year of his career.

“I feel like my reactions are developing,” Ruth said. “My technique and my awareness as I’m standing toe-to-toe with someone, I’m feeling where my openings are, where my opportunities are where it comes to a takedown, to a punch, and a kick, I’m learning all these angles. I feel I’ve come a long way from day one.”

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Ruth (2-0) will look to pick up his first win of 2017 when he returns to Bellator this Friday in Uncasville, Conn., to take on late replacement David Mundell (6-2) in a preliminary card 185-pound bout.

“(The game plan) is the same as always,” Ruth said. “I’ve got to go out there and mix up my boxing and kickboxing and see how well that turns out in my favor. I do kind of want to take it back to my roots where I’m strong.

“Training-wise, I’m doing the same thing I’ve been doing the past four months: getting better in the things I don’t know too much about and develop from there.”

In just his second year of fighting, Ruth views 2017 as a developmental year. He wants to stay busy and continue to add to his experience as an MMA fighter.

“I do want to get in at least five fights by the end of the year, but that is kind of a bit steep considering we’re already in April,” said Ruth. “If possible I would like to shoot for that number. All year round I’m in shape and ready to go, so if anything were to come up short notice, I’ll be ready for it.”

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