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Tonight MMAWeekly brings you another stacked show as Ed “Short Fuse” Herman, who pulled off the knockout of the night at UFC 78, and Tara LaRosa, the fighter widely seen as the #1 female mixed martial artist in the world, join the show live starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

Ed Herman was originally slated to face David Terrell at UFC 78 but at the last minute Terrell had to drop out and was replaced by Joe Doerksen, a fighter Herman had lost to a few years previously.

The back and forth battle took a lot from both fighters but Herman managed a stunning knockout in the third round to avenge his previous loss to Doerksen.

Tonight Herman will talk about the big knockout win, the first of his career, and the growing middleweight division in the UFC.

Also on the show will be Tara LaRosa, who is dropping to 125lbs for the first time in her career, to face Cody Welchin at this weekend’s Hook ‘N’ Shoot event in Indiana.

LaRosa is widely seen as the #1 women’s fighter in the world, currently holding the Bodog Fight women’s title. She will face a major challenge in the young, up and coming Welchin this weekend.

Tune in tonight when MMAWeekly Radio goes live at 9pm EST/6pm PST to hear both Ed Herman and Tara LaRosa!