By Mick Hammond, MMAWeekly.com
When it comes to fighters who step up time and time again and refuse to back down, there are few like Team Quest’s Ed “Short Fuse” Herman. Over the last couple of years Herman has been fighting at almost breakneck speed, quickly racking up an overall record of 13-4.

Each time out he’s pushed himself and his opponents to the limit and win or lose, he’s never failed to step up to any challenge that’s faced him. Now the young fighter finds himself with an opportunity to make a name for himself as he headlines the next Extreme Challenge event against former UFC Middleweight Champion Dave Menne.

When MMA Weekly spoke to Herman he was genuinely enthusiastic about getting his change to face one of the true warriors in MMA history. “I’m very excited about this opportunity,” said Herman. “It’s a great opportunity to show my skills and I’m stoked to be fighting a name guy.”

Menne was the UFC’s first 185lb champion and has been making a comeback of late, pushing to return himself to the bigtime. Herman however isn’t impressed by Menne’s resurgence and plans to put that to an end the old fashion way, by beating him in the ring.

“After this fight maybe he’ll put up the gloves and concentrate on his gym or something,” commented Ed. “I’m going to bring his five fight winning streak to an end. I looked at his record and I’m not like the guys he’s been beating lately. I mean no disrespect to him, but he picked the wrong dude to fight this time.”

Herman feels confident that he’s prepared for whatever comes his way in the fight. “He’s pretty well-rounded, but he’s fought nobody like me. I know he’s got the experience on me and he may be underestimating me. But I’ve fought really tough vets before like (Joe) Doerksen, and (Kazuo) Misaki, so it’s nothing I’ve haven’t experienced already.”

Herman continued, “Five years ago the competition wasn’t at the level it is at now, it’s not even close, so I don’t think he’s prepared for someone like me. I’m training with one of the top teams in the country and I’m feeling great. I don’t have any injuries and my weight is good, so I’m going to do what I do against everybody else. I’m coming in aggressive 100%, work my hands, get the clinch, take him down and punish him on the ground.”

Menne represents one of the biggest name that Herman has faced this year, however Dave wasn’t the first name fighter that Herman was supposed to match up with in 2005. This past April Ed was slated to face off against UFC veteran Joe Riggs at an IFC event in Montana. Ed ended up fighting a replacement as Riggs dropped out citing illness. This of course didn’t make Herman happy and he has his own thoughts on why the fight didn’t go through.

“Riggs is ducking me, you know he talks a lot of smack but doesn’t back it up. He says he doesn’t know who I am but that’s not true, he knows exactly who I am and I think it just wasn’t a good move to fight me,” explained Herman. “I’m a smaller name right now and if he loses to me it’s bad for his career. I understand that, that’s the nature of the business sometimes, but to talk smack and back down is irritating. I’d love to get another shot at him, but right now my coach and teammate Matt (Lindland) gets to take care of him.”

As for his future beyond his fight with Menne, Ed has very concrete ideas on what’s to come next. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get me to the top. I’m going to interview for the third season of The Ultimate Fighter and if something good comes between now and then I’ll take it. I’m not going to be overly cautious and duck anyone, I want to fight name guys and take them out.”

Ed further commented, “I’m sure I’m going to stay at 185lbs from now on. I got too big weightlifting and fought at 205lbs when I beat Glover (Teixeira, for the Sportfight Light-Heavyweight Championship), but I feel better at 185lbs. I’m not sure if I’m going to defend the title or not. I may step down and let Matt set up a tournament, we’ll see happens with what kind of offers come in. I’d really like to get a rematch with Doerksen, maybe for the FFC title, and I think they are interested in it. Joe (Doerksen) isn’t ducking me, he’s a stand up guy so I know he’ll give me a rematch, we’re just waiting for the right offer to come.”

If Herman continues to rack up wins it won’t be long before more people get to see him in action on the biggest stages in MMA. And as Ed puts it, he feels that’s an inevitability, “I want to thank my sponsors Sportsbook.com and UFW (Ultimate Fight Warehouse, Inc.), they’ve been good to me. And I want to say to everyone that Short Fuse is coming so they better look out. I’m looking to step up and show for real that I’m one of the best at 185lbs, they’re not going to be able to deny me for much longer.”