by Jody Peterson (Photo courtesy of Julie McQuinn)
(pictured: Jerry Spiegel and Jason MacDonald)

The Moncton Coliseum is still on tap for the first event of its kind in New Brunswick, Canada tonight, but unfortunately there have been a couple of key changes to the fight card.

Without explanation, one of the main bouts, featuring UFC Hall of Famer Dan “The Beast” Severn, has been removed from the card. Also, the main event, which was to feature a battle between two of Canada’s finest, Jason MacDonald and Stephan Potvin, has gone through a major change in the past two weeks as well.

Here are the weigh-in results for tonight’s ECC event:


Jason MacDonald (185.5 pounds, record of 13-7) vs. Jerry Spiegel (186 pounds, record of 4-17-1)

Stephan Potvin suffered an injury in his decision loss to Luigi Fioravanti on June 10th, so Jerry Spiegel stepped up on short notice to face Jason MacDonald. Weighing in at 185.4 pounds, MacDonald was in amazing shape. MacDonald owns wins over Joe Doerkson and, most recently, TUF 4 competitor Gideon Ray. Speigel weighed in at an even 186 pounds and was clearly the shorter and more compact of the two fighters.

Jason had this to say about not fighting Stephan Potvin as originally scheduled: “I was very excited to have an opportunity to fight Stephan Potvin. I wanted to fight Stephan, and I wanted to beat him, obviously, but he was forced to pull out with an injury, and I understand that.”

It was hard for promoters to find a fighter who was willing to fight someone of Jason’s caliber on just two weeks’ notice. When asked about his new opponent, Jason said that knew very little about his Spiegel. MacDonald said, “I’m not very familiar with him. However, that didn’t change my preparation for this fight. I’ve been training hard. In fact, I’ve probably picked my training up a little bit with my opponent changing. It’s a riskier fight in that he’s a bit unknown… so I’ve worked harder, and I intend on going out there and making a statement… the same statement I intended on making, only hopefully quicker.”

Friday’s main event should be a good one, and the very determined MacDonald promises to do his part. “I just want to be in good fights and fight some of the top fighters. I’m focused, and I’m going to fight and earn my way to the UFC. You know, I’m going to fight my way there by fighting anyone willing,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald has fought Gideon Ray, Patrick Cote, and Kalib Starnes in his last three fights. All three of those fighters have gone directly from fighting MacDonald to being a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. Four fights ago, MacDonald beat Joe Doerkson, who then went straight to a middleweight fight in the UFC against Nathan Marquardt. One would think that with this many connections to the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter franchise, Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald could be just a win or two away from the bright lights himself.


-Victor Valimaki (205.5 pounds, record of 3-2) vs. Craig Sloan (198 pounds, record of 5-0-1)
Victor Valimaki, who defeated Dan Severn in his most recent fight and lost to Rob MacDonald in 2002, takes on Craig Sloan, who has a victory over Landon Showalter on his record. Both fighters were in great shape at the weigh-in, with Valimaki having an eight-inch height advantage (6’2 to 5’6).

-Dave Scholten (153 pounds, record of 5-3) vs. Tim Tamaki (147 pounds, record of 4-3)

-Bryan Edge (142 pounds, record of 1-0) vs. Josh Kyrejto (144 pounds, record of 1-2)

-Shawn Marchand (204 pounds) vs. Steve Skinner (203 pounds)

-Jessie Bongfeldt (170 pounds) vs. Eric Beaulieu (170 pounds, record of 6-6)

-Luke Hatfield (169 pounds) vs. Jay Jenkins (170 pounds, record of 1-0)

-Richard Kanasevich (167 pounds) vs. Nelson Akawui Riquelme (165 pounds)