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MMAWeekly.com brings you LIVE RESULTS from tonight’s K-1/EliteXC co-promoted Dynamite!! USA in the L.A. Coliseum.

The opening bouts are scheduled to start at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

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-Gesias “JZ” Calvancanti vs. Nam Phan

RD1: Phan comes out with low kicks and JZ gets a takedown. JZ starts unleashing some vicious ground and pound that forces to referee to stop the fight.

winner: Gesias “JZ” Calvancanti by TKO, :26 of the 1st RD.

-Katsuhiko Nagata vs. Isaiah Hill

RD1: Hill come out aggressively on the feet, he tags Nagata several times with punches as Nagata tries to get it on the ground. Nagata’s nose is bleeding badly as he finally gets a takedown from the clinch. Nagata lands a couple of good shots on the ground before Hill gets back to his feet. The refeere stops the fight to check Nagata’s nose. The fight is restarted and Nagata gets another takedown, he lands occasional shots and they are stood up. Nagata gets another takedown and works ground and pound to end the round.

RD2: Nagata gets another takedown to start the round, he works some ground and pound. Hill is trying to hold on from the bottom as Nagata stands in his guard. Hill gets back up, but Nagata gets another takedown but they get back to their feet. Nagata gets another takedown and is working with strikes then moves into side mount. Hill gets back up and ends up on top of Nagata to end the round.

RD3: They cirle to begin the round before Nagata gets another takedown. Nagata is in side mount but Hill gets back up, then is taken down again by Nagata. No much action on the ground and they are stood back up. Hill comes out aggressively, lands a knee that stuns Nagata but is taken down again by Nagata. Not much work on the ground again and they are stood back up. Nagata gets another takedown and works some punches to end the fight.

winner: Katsuhiko Nagata by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

-Jonathan Wiezorek vs. Tim “Big Perm” Persey

RD1: Persey lands the first blow of the fight as both fighters clinch in the corner. Wiezorek is trying to take Persey down, but he defends well. They are broken up by the refeere and restarted, they clinch again, and Wiezorek lands an errant knee to the groin. Fight is restarted and Persy drops Wiezorek with a punch. Persey lands some shots that hurt Wiezorek. Wiezorek starts working a kimura but Persey escapes. Back on the feet, Wiezorek gets a takedown and the ends the round on top of Persey.

RD 2: Wiezorek clinches up and takes Persey down, he gets his back and starts landing shots. Persey is not fighting back and the fight is stopped.

winner: Jonathan Wiezorek by TKO, :50 of the 2nd RD

-Jake Shields vs. Ido Pariente

RD1: Pariente looks to strike but Shields gets a takedown, moves into side mount, then full mount. Shields is landing some good shots but Pariente is defending well. Shields transitions to his back. Shields sinks the choke in… Pariente holds on, but eventually taps.

winner: Jake Shields with a rear naked choke, 2:06 of the 1st RD.

-Bernard Ackah vs. Johnnie Morton

RD:1 Morton comes out swinging and Ackah returns fire. Morton goes for a takedown but Ackah defends well and they’re back on their feet. Ackah lands a huge right hook and Morton is out cold. Scary scene as Morton was carried out of the ring on a strecher.

winner: Bernard Ackah by KO, :38 of the 1st RD.

-Ruben “Warpath” Villareal vs. Mighty Mo

RD1: Both fighters come out swinging, as they clinch in the corner. They break and Mo lands a couple of huge shots. Warpath goes for a takedown, but Mo keeps hammering him with shots until the referee stops the fight.

winner: Mighty Mo by TKO, 1:33 of the 1st RD.

-Dong Sik Yoon vs. Melvin Manhoef

RD1: Both fighters come out tentatively, then Manhoef drops Yoon. Manhoef is just going to town on Yoon. Yoon gets back to his feet and they trade shots. Manhoef gets a takedown. Yoon goes for an armbar and Manhoef escapes. Back on their feet, Yoon lands a nice judo throw into side mount. Yoon moves into full mount and transitions into an armbar, but Manhoef escapes and they trade on their feet. Manhoef goes out of the ring and they are restarted. They trade strikes to end the round.

RD 2: They clinch and Yoon gets it to the ground. He starts to unload on Manhoef. He gets Manhoef’s back and then transitions into a beautiful armbar that forces Manhoef to tap.

winner: Dong Sik Yoon with an armbar, 1:17 of the 2nd RD.

-Hideo Tokoro vs. Brad Pickett

RD1: Both fighters come out tentatively. Tokoro gets a takedown but Pickett reverses and stands back up. Pickett drops Tokoro, but Tokoro goes straight into a heel hook. Pickett escapes and gets into side mount. Tokoro regains guard, goes for an armbar, and finishes it from on top with the armbar.

winner: Hideo Tokoro with an armbar, 2:40 of the 1st RD.

-Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

RD1: Both fighters come out circling. Sakuraba lands a low kick. Sakuraba drops Gracie with a right hand and Sakuraba pounces on him. Sakuraba goes for a standing leg lock but Gracie escapes. Gracie is butt scooting and landing kicks on Sakuraba’s legs, while Sakuraba is standing over him. The crowd starts to get restless and Sakuraba pounces with a flurry, then goes into side mount. Gracie gets back to his feet, but Sakuraba goes for standing kimura. Gracie escapes as they clinch. They break and circle to end the round.

RD2: Gracie throws a head kick as they continue to circle. Gracie goes for a takedown but Sakuraba defends well. They circle and clinch along the ropes. Neither fighter is doing much and the refeere restarts them. They clinch again and Sakuraba lands a flurry of knees as Gracie tries to take it to the ground. They clinch along the ropes and finish the round out.

RD3: Gracie goes for a takedown, but Sakuraba ends up on top. Gracie goes for a kimura, but Sakuraba escapes and gets Gracie’s back. Gracie escapes and stands back up. Sakuraba goes for a standing kimura. Gracie escapes and has Sakuraba’s back along the ropes as he lands a couple of punches. Sakuraba turns in and they are clinched in the corner. The ref separates them. Gracie lands a couple kicks before they go to the ground. Sakuraba goes for an armbar just as the fight ends.

winner: Royce Gracie by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

-Min Soo Kim vs. Brock Lesnar

RD1: Kim wants to touch gloves but Lesnar doesn’t oblige. Lesner gets a takedown. Lesnar moves from half mount into full mount and lands a series of shots to the head that force Kim to tap.

winner: Brock Lesnar by submission due to strikes, 1:09 of the 1st RD.