Dylan Potter Ready for Super Fight League America War Against Tony Lopez

So far in his four fights as a pro, middleweight prospect Dylan Potter has showcased a more complete game than he had at the amateur levels.

Primarily known as a striker, Potter has managed to pick up three submission wins in his four fights and chalks it up to being able to settle down with a gym after a bit of upheaval in his training over the past couple years.

“I felt a real good change over from amateurs to pro,” Potter told MMAWeekly.com. “I felt like I was ready to test myself at the next level. Things have fallen into place with my gym switch. I have all the training and skillsets I’ve needed to complete myself and get myself better-rounded with my wrestling and ground game.

“Most of my fights as an amateur were finished with stand-up, either a knockout or TKO. Since I’ve become a pro and gotten those submissions has made me feel more comfortable and complete as a fighter.”

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Potter (4-0) will look to remain undefeated when he takes on veteran Tony Lopez (43-23) in a 205-pound bout as part of the Seattle vs. Los Angeles team battle at Super Fight League America on July 23 in Tacoma, Washington.

“I feel like it’s a very good match-up for me right now at this point in my career,” said Potter. “Tony is a real reputable guy with a lot of fights and a ton of experience. He’s got a good skillset and good size.

“This fight I feel like is going let me show my skillset and show everything I have. It’s going to be a war and a good fight to watch. I feel like I can get it done with the stand-up or on the ground.”

While on paper Lopez possesses a massive experience edge, Potter is not too concerned with what his opponent brings into the fight, but is more focused on what he’s got to do to get the win.

“I’ve trained with veterans like Dennis Hallman, veterans who gone in there and competed at the highest level and I’ve done time with them and have been molded into who I am,” Potter said. “So to me the record is not intimidating at all.

“I’ve been ready to compete against these high-level dudes. It doesn’t matter who it is to me, a fight’s a fight, I’m not in there to fight their game, it’s for me and I’m going to do what I want to do and what I’ve been training, no matter who it is in there with me. “

With major changes coming in his personal life soon, Potter is eager to strike while the iron is hot and make 2016 a big year for himself.

“We just found out that my girlfriend and I are going to be having a kid in January, so before then I’m trying to line up what I can,” he said. “I have this fight tin July, in August we have one almost locked in with King of the Cage, so I’m just trying to get in as many wins as I can right now.

“I’m trying to keep this undefeated record and I’m looking for a belt by the end of the year for sure.”

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