Dustin Poirier predicts finish of Conor McGregor in trilogy bout

No. 1 ranked lightweight contender Dustin Poirier shared his thoughts on the recent events that took place surrounding his highly anticipated trilogy bout with no. 6 ranked lightweight Conor McGregor July 10 in the main event of UFC 264.

A significant amount of the anticipation headed into this fight is a result of the drama surrounding the upcoming trilogy was Poirier announcing on Twitter that McGregor did not donate $500,000 to Poirier’s The Good Fight Foundation as he said he would. 

This resulted in a spat between the two, with McGregor even saying the fight was off at one point.

Poirier apologized for stirring the pot with that tweet, but “The Diamond” felt like the apology was more for his peace of mind than it was to appease McGregor.

“My apology, it was for me, because I felt like I attached my foundation, something me and my wife have worked so hard to get where it’s at to something negative. I don’t want that cloud hanging above it, and I attached it to negativity because of a personal thing going on and when I’m the president of the Foundation, and the voice of it, I can’t do those types of things,” Poirier said. “Hindsight is 20/20. So looking back on it, I’m like, damn, you know. But that’s one of the things in my career and in life, when I make mistakes, I can own up to them and learn and try to be more mature and grow.”

In the leadup to their second fight, everything between Poirer and McGregor was extremely amicable. However when asked, Poirier said it appears the leadup to their trilogy is taking more of a resemblance from their first fight.

Nonetheless, Poirier is ready for anything McGregor brings his way.

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“I welcome everything. I welcome the good, the bad. I’m just a different person [from our first fight] and I’m okay with it. It’s out of my control, that’s what I’ve learned over those years is like, I can control what I can and what I can’t, I can’t,” Poirier said. “So there’s no reason to really stress about those things. When it’s all said and done, we’re gonna get locked in a cage for 25 minutes, the better man is gonna get his hand raised and then on to the next thing.”

“The Diamond” went on to predict that he’ll finish McGregor in July, although he did not specify whether it will be a knockout or a submission.

“I’m going to stop Conor again,” Poirier said. “July 10, I’m going to get my hand raised. And I’m going to finish Conor McGregor again.”

Regardless of outcome, the main event of UFC 264 is looking to be one of the biggest fights and most intriguing storylines of the year.