Dustin Poirier Explains Why He Apologized to Eddie Alvarez and His Coaches After the Fight

Dustin Poirier got caught up in the heat of the moment.

That’s the word from the top five ranked lightweight contender, who was seen exchanging words with both opponent Eddie Alvarez and his head coach Mark Henry just seconds after earning a spectacular second round TKO in the UFC on FOX 30 main event.

It all unfolded after Poirier blasted Alvarez with punches to earn the stoppage victory as the teams from both sides flooded in to be the fighters.

It’s unclear what Alvarez and Henry said to him, but Poirier says he was still living in the moment and admitted upset after his first fight with the former champion ended in controversy following two illegal knee strikes that stopped the contest.

In the aftermath, Alvarez claimed that Poirier wanted out of the fight and he quit rather than to continue after he at two illegal knees. That never sat well with Poirier and he let them know about it after his win.

“I was in the heat of the moment and Mark [Henry] came up to me and I kind of brushed him off, which was not a thing to do. I was just heated,” Poirier explained at the UFC on FOX 30 post fight press conference. “I feel like Eddie and his whole team were, they didn’t say anything but they rode with him when he said all that foul stuff about me that I wanted out, that I quit, that I broke. I felt like they’re part of that. If you’re riding with him and standing around him when he’s screaming stuff like that, I don’t like you so much either. So that was kind of the heat of that.

“But I apologized to everybody after we got to the back, to Eddie, to Mark, to all of his other cornermen. I shouldn’t have done that. That was very immature. But I was just in the heat of the moment and I just had some animosity. Some of the stuff Eddie said in the lead up to the fight. I would never quit. I’m a fighter through and through.”

While the fight ended in his favor, Poirier also addressed the illegal shot that Alvarez threw in the rematch on Saturday night that resulted in the fighters being restarted in the center of the Octagon.

As the two fighters were battling against the cage, Alvarez dropped an elbow on Poirier that forced referee Marc Goddard to pause the action and admonish the former champion for the strike. Because Alvarez brought his elbow straight up and straight down in a 12 to 6 motion, the strike was illegal and Goddard issued a warning before standing the fighters up again.

Poirier says he would never go as far as calling Alvarez a cheater but he can’t deny that he’s suffered through two different fouls in both of their fights. Add to that, Poirier says Alvarez twice put his fingers in his ear while they were locked in an exchange on the ground.

“I don’t want to say somebody’s a dirty fighter but first fight you kneed me. Second fight, you try to elbow me illegally and you give me a wet Willy. We’ve got to draw the line somewhere,” Poirier said with a smile.

As far as the stand up then leading to the finish, Poirier brushes off the naysayers who were upset about the referee pausing the fight due to the illegal strike.

“People are always going to point to something,” Poirier stated. “These checks are going to cash and I have another win on my record and another step closer to fighting for a world title. So they can point and say what they want. I’m laughing all the way to the bank and all the way back home to my family with another win that I earned.

“Nothing’s been given. That’s that.”