Dustin Poirier Calls for Title Shot after Blistering Second-Round TKO to Finish Eddie Alvarez

Dustin Poirier has his vengeance.

After a highly controversial no contest in their last fight, Poirier settled the score once and for all with former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez on Saturday night in the main event at UFC on FOX 30 from Calgary.

It was a blistering striking attack that once again earned Poirier the victory, as he punished Alvarez with a barrage of strikes in the second round to get the TKO stoppage.

While just about everybody predicted that Poirier and Alvarez would turn into a barnburner, both fighters had a more measured approach as the fight got started in the opening round.

Alvarez made a couple of takedown attempts to mix up his attacks, but Poirier seemed ready as he quickly shuffled out of the way before landing several stinging counter shots on the feet.

Dustin Poirier - UFC 143 weigh-inPoirier did a good job throughout the fight of using his range and length to keep Alvarez on the end of his punches. Still, the former champion wasn’t going to be deterred as he would barrel forward with combinations that would somehow find a home on Poirier’s chin.

The back-and-forth action continued into the second round when Alvarez got in deep on a takedown attempt that Poirier then countered with a pair of guillotine chokes. Each time Poirier jumped into guard to try and finish the submission, but Alvarez stayed patient until he could find a way to work free.

On the second attempt, Alvarez kept Poirier on the ground before opening up with a series of heavy punches that started peppering away at Poirier’s defense.

Poirier continued to scramble in an attempt to break free, but that led to Alvarez trying for a neck crank on two separate occasions, although he was never able to get in deep on the submission.

Finally, with Poirier pushed against the cage, Alvarez came firing down at him with an elbow strike that missed the head before landing on the shoulder, which forced referee Marc Goddard to get involved.

Because Alvarez threw a 12-to-6 elbow — going straight up and straight down on his opponent’s head — the strike was deemed illegal and he lost the position as a result.

Once the fighters were back on the feet, Poirier came after Alvarez with everything in his arsenal, as he started to land at will with combinations that were just constantly finding a home again and again. Alvarez attempted a couple of haymakers in response, but Poirier refused to get sucked into a brawl and instead kept centering his feet and unleashing with fight ending power.

Finally, after eating several crushing blows, Alvarez dropped to one knee on the canvas, which forced Goddard to rush in to save the former champion from taking any further damage.

“I told you so!” Poirier shouted at the camera after getting the win over Alvarez.

In the lead up to their fight, Poirier had been rather angry that Alvarez accused him of wanting out of their first bout that ended after a pair of illegal knee strikes landed. When Poirier couldn’t continue, the fight was declared a no contest.

“I’ll never quit. I’ll die in here,” Poirier said in response to Alvarez after the TKO win. “This is what I do. I live for this. Every day. All day. This is who I am. I’m a fighter at heart. I’ll never quit in here. That’s disgusting to hear.”

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Poirier has rocketed up the rankings over his past few fights as the one-time featherweight has now earned victories over two former UFC lightweight titleholders — Alvarez and Anthony Pettis — while also finishing former World Series of Fighting champion Justin Gaethje.

Now Poirier believes it’s time to grant him a title shot.

“Just look at my track record,” Poirier shouted. “Eddie Alvarez, former champ. Anthony Pettis, former champ. Justin Gaethje, former champ. Eddie Alvarez, former champ. That’s four champions in a row, what else do I gotta do?

“Khabib, where you at? “

While reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is likely awaiting a showdown against Conor McGregor next, it’s getting awfully hard to deny Poirier his opportunity following another stoppage win over a former champion.