Duško Todorović shares photos of his gruesome foot injury that he re-injured before walking out at UFC Vegas 44

Middleweight Duško Todorović was struck by a car in July leaving his foot badly mangled. Following his UFC Vegas 44 TKO win over Maki Pitolo on Saturday, Todorović released photos of his injuries to MMAWeekly and revealed that he re-injured the wounds while warming up for the fight.

Along with the photos, Todorović released a statement detailing the incident.

“On July 22nd 2021, I was going home from my workout, as I was walking over the crossing, a car hit me and climbed on top of my foot. Instantly I felt pain in my knee, and i knew my foot was messed up,” the statement read.

“So the guy comes out of the car asking if I’m ok, while the car’s front wheel is still on my foot. .Anyway, after that i was on crutches for three weeks. Whilst in that state I was able to only go to the gym and do therapy for my knee and foot. It was probably up until the middle of September when I came back to the Secutor Academy MMA gym and did my first light workout. It was mostly boxing on the bag without much movement. All the wrestling was mostly controlled drilling. I wasn’t able to do as much of sparring or even train as I normally do. We have had to modify everything for this fight. I believe i wasnt even near my 100% and to top it all my leg gave up on me during the warm up for the fight. It snaped pretty hard as it slipped of the makeshift warm-up tatami, so that was another obstacle I had to go over before actually crossing gloves with Maki.”

Todorović spoke about the incident and hiding the injuries from almost everyone leading up to his fight on Saturday. Check out the video of Todorović during the UFC Vegas 44 Post-fight Press Conference and see the graphic photos of his injuries below.

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Duško Todorović was hit by car in July, reinjured himself backstage before UFC Vegas 44 fight | Video

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