Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig Talks UFC KO Record, His Toys, and His Return

September 15, 2011

Duane “Bang” Ludwig is just coming off of a recent win over Amir Sadollah at UFC on Versus 5 in early August, but he’s been a busy man since outscoring Sadollah over the course of their three-round bout. He’s already had neck surgery, made much headway in getting his name in the UFC record books, and is amping up his action figure collection, among other things.

Ludwig recently took time out of his day at his gym, the 303 Training Center, to talk exclusively with Conner Cordova at MMAWeekly.com.

For those that don’t know, Ludwig stepped across the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 3 several years ago, immediately knocking out Jonathan Goulet… no feeling out process, no dancing around, no exchanges, just Bang! The official time didn’t stop until 11 seconds, which is how his victory was recorded. But numerous reviews of the fight footage show the referee waiving off the bout at around the four to five second mark, which would make it the fastest knockout in UFC history.

There’s been a recent push from others for Ludwig to take action, so he has. He started a Facebook petition and gather video and photographic evidence to present to the Nevada State Athletic Commission in an attempt to correct the time of knockout.

Ludwig talked with MMAWeekly.com about the progress he’s made to set the record straight, his fight with Sadollah, gave us an update on his neck surgery, and much, much more… including the safety of his collection of MMA action figures.