Drew Fickett Gets New Opponent For MFC 28, Expects Same Result

February 21, 2011

After a disastrous 2009 in which he went winless in four fights, former UFC fighter Drew Fickett rebounded last year by going undefeated, finishing all his opponents in the process.

“I got focused, I moved back to Tucson, (Ariz.), where I’m originally from and got myself some good training partners, a fight team and did fairly well,” Fickett told MMAWeekly.com.

Drew Fickett

Drew Fickett

“I had just had a baby girl (the year before) and was basically a stay at home dad, who didn’t really have the opportunity to train like I used to. Honestly, my heart wasn’t really in it. I really didn’t want to fight that year. I was really just doing it for a paycheck. I didn’t really have any passion for the sport at the time.”

Having gotten back on track and with a newfound enthusiasm for the fight game, Fickett feels like now he is truly entering the prime of his career.

“I’m more motivated than I’ve ever been,” he stated. “I look at fighting as not just a passion, but as a career. I look at it as a responsibility and hold myself accountable for my lifestyle. I have a daughter and there’s a lot more on the line now than when I was just a young kid in college wrestling.
“It’s fun and exhilarating, but it’s also a huge opportunity to make some money and leave my name on something that I really love and care greatly for.”

For his first fight of 2011, Fickett will make his long-delayed MFC debut in a 160-pound catchweight bout against Matt Veach, who is stepping in as a last-minute replacement for MFC lightweight champion Antonio McKee.

“It was a little upsetting at first, but in this sport, things happen and people back out of fights,” said Fickett. “I’m grateful that I’m still able to have a fight.

“The game plan really doesn’t change. Veach is similar to McKee, except that he’s a right-hander and the angle is a little different, but I’m better against right-handers.”

While he’s disappointed he won’t be facing McKee at MFC 28: Supremacy this Friday, Fickett is looking to make the best of the situation and has his eyes set towards a possible future confrontation.

“I think my next fight after I have this fight will be for the title, whether it’s going to be against McKee, I don’t know,” stated Fickett. “I’m really excited that Mark (Pavelich) scrambled so hard to find a really good opponent. Veach is a really tough guy who is on a winning streak, so it will be good for my career.”

Fickett’s goals for this year are twofold, be at the top of his game, and beat the top in the game.

“I just want to be the best Drew Fickett ever,” he commented. “Now after I’ve built my confidence and I’m in shape and I’m fight-ready, I can smoke anybody at lightweight. It’s not about just winning – it’s about dominating my fights.

“I’m a fighter’s fighter and I like to fight the best competition out there, and the best competition just happens to be in Strikeforce, the UFC, and some of the bigger events, so I’d like to get in those shows so I can fight the best guys.”

After reaching perhaps the lowest point in his professional career, Fickett has positioned himself to now reach his highest point, adding yet another dangerous fighter to the already stacked 155-pound division.

“I’d like to thank Luzbel Mixed Martial Arts Label, Gamma-O, Internet-Exposure.com, Empowered Clothing, Apex Mixed Martial Arts, and North Side Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” he concluded.

“Thanks to everyone for supporting me through my ups and downs, and keep watching me because it’s going to be an exciting year this year and you’re going to see the best Drew Fickett there is. All my fights are going to be exciting, so don’t miss them.”