Drew Brokenshire Intends to Kickoff Breakout Year at SFL America 3

February 17, 2015

While 2014 wasn’t perfect, it was still probably the most productive year for Northwest featherweight Drew “Eternal Fire” Brokenshire’s career.

“I defended my 145-pound belt in CageSport, I went up in weight and fought Justin Harrington and won the CageSport 155-pound belt, and I went to Russia and I ended up losing that fight to Alexander Sarnavskiy, but I really gained a lot of respect for him, his skill and his size,” Brokenshire told MMAWeekly.com.

Following a brief move up to lightweight, Brokenshire feels his career is best served at featherweight for the time being.

“I’m going to be going back down to 145 pounds this year and stake my claim there and see how it goes,” he said. “I’ll be going back to 155 pounds eventually, but it will be later in my career when I feel I’ve done all I can at 145 pounds.”

Brokenshire (13-4) will move back down to 145 pounds in a rematch with fellow top prospect Julian Erosa (13-2) at Super Fight League America 3 on Feb. 21 in Tacoma, Wash., for the promotion’s featherweight title.

“I feel like I’ve grown in so many ways,” said Brokenshire since his first bout with Erosa. “I’ve always been pretty good with my submissions and stuff, but my top game and my guard passes have gotten some tweaks that have grown my confidence there.

“With the improvements I’ve made, I’ll be able to keep more consistent pressure on him and won’t be defensive much of the fight. Hopefully I can get him out before the five rounds are up.”

Looking ahead, Brokenshire feels that 2015 will be the year he pushes himself to new heights beyond just being a regional standout.

“This next fight is the first test of that,” said Brokenshire. “I want to continue to gain experience outside the States and travel some more and test myself in that way.

“I don’t like to look too far ahead, but I like to think I’ll be breaking out this year. By winning this fight, I hope to get more opportunities with organizations around the world.”

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