Don’t Miss Marcus Davis’ “Not Yet Going To An Old Folks Home” Tour

Marcus Davis at UFC 118

Marcus Davis

Former UFC fighter Marcus “Irish Hand Grenade” Davis wants people to know that despite some rough times of late, he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

As he recently told, “I’ve had a couple of bad outings, but I’m here and I’m going to continue to compete – as I always say – until I feel as though I can’t anymore or I’m told by trainers and family that they think I need to hang it up.

“I’m not getting beat by kids in the gym; nobody’s getting the upper hand on me. Whether I’m MMA sparring or grappling, I’m right there with any size guys I work with. There’s no reason to hang it up yet, so I want people to know I’m still here and that I’m a decent fighter.”

Having moved down to 155 pounds for his last fight in January, Davis feels he’s becoming more accustomed to making the weight and he should have a much improved performance when he makes his MFC debut Friday night in Ontario, Canada.

“I was real nervous about having the energy and hydrating, and all kinds of questions, including if I was even going to make it,” said Davis. “All those questions have been answered and this has been an easier, much nicer camp as far as cutting weight goes.

“I’ve studied tape of that (Jeremy Stephens) fight and saw places that I made mistakes and where I could have done better and made improvements.”

Davis will have an opportunity to test out those improvements Friday night against Curtis Demarce. It’s a fight Davis feels his veteran knowhow will trump his opponent’s enthusiasm.

“I saw an interview where he said he’s fought similar opponents like me,” commented Davis. “I looked at his record, and I don’t see Chris Lytle on there, I don’t see Shonie Carter on there, I don’t see wins over Pete Spratt, Paul Kelly, Paul Taylor or any of those guys.

“I’m just going to go out there, let my hands go, and if he clinches with me, he’s going to feel what it’s like to be in there with a guy who is going to out-weigh him by 15 pounds.”

Should Davis prove successful against Demarce, he’s got his eyes set on another opponent who has been talking in the media of late.

“The next fight after I beat this kid is I’m going to fight that Richie Whitson kid that just beat Curtis,” said Davis. “He called me out or whatever. He said that he wanted to fight the winner.

“That kid’s not in my class either. So I’ll dispense Curtis Demarce, and then I’m going to go after Richie Whitson and we’ll see what happens after that.”

In what he’s jokingly dubbed his “Not Yet Going to an Old Folks Home” tour, Davis is out to prove that he’s not past his prime and still has a lot to give in the MMA game.

“I appreciate everybody who is still supporting me,” he concluded. “I go out there to entertain, not just to win fights.

“I don’t go out there to lie on top of guys and just squeak out a decision. I go out there and I fight to have people screaming and hollering at me; for the people who want to see knockouts.”