Donation Information to Help Dennis Hallman and Family After Tragic House Fire

November 26, 2012

Dennis Hallman at UFC 117Dennis Hallman and his family are going through the roughest of times lately, but the MMA community always seems to step up to support their own.

The former UFC fighter recently lost his home and all of his belongings in a Thanksgiving fire that left him and his children without much of anything other than the clothes on their backs.

With that, Hallman’s close friend and training partner and fellow UFC veteran Benji Radach has set up a donation page for those that would like to contribute to help out the fighter and his family.

In addition to that, the Hallman’s are also accepting any clothing donations to help his family in this time of need.

Donations can be sent to 8427 Valley Green Ct SE, Olympia, WA 98513-9009.

Ryley (15) sizes: 30-32 jeans, adult medium shirt, sz 10.5 shoes
Richie (13) size: 30-30 or 16 jeans, youth x-large or adult small shirt, sz 8.5 shoes
Jayden (11) sizes: 10 jeans, 10-12 shirts, sz 2.5 shoes
Kylar Grace (3) : 4T in everything, sz 10 shoes
Dennis: Waist 32, Shirt L, Shoes 11

Hallman’s MMA manager, Audie Attar from Paradigm MMA Management knows that his fighter is going through an extremely tough time right now, but hopes that anyone able can help out after this latest tragedy.

“Dennis has gone through hell and back within a span of a few weeks,” said Attar.

“This is a time of need for Dennis and although he’s a professional fighter, MMA athletes do not make what the stick and ball pros make in their professional careers. With mounting legal costs fighting for his kids and now this fire, Dennis could use a little help from his friends and from MMA fans all over the world. We all go through trying times in our lives, help from our friends helps us through those times.”