Donald Cerrone Ready for UFC Introduction, Calls Out Cole Miller

December 17, 2010

Donald Cerrone and Chris Horodecki - WEC 53

Donald Cerrone and Chris Horodecki - WEC 53

After alternating wins and losses in his prior six fights, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone went into Thursday night’s WEC 53 feeling some trepidation about his future with the UFC now that the WEC ceases to exist.

He did walk out of the cage with a win, though, and having been one of the more exciting fighters in the WEC, Cerrone is assured of a shot in the UFC… no matter what he thought after his performance on Thursday night.

“I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the fight,” said Cerrone. “I’m a striker and that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to beat him at his own game. I got the win, so I can’t complain.”

The win is a good launch for him into the Octagon, but Cerrone has already skipped right over that and has re-directed his aim at a current UFC fighter… “Ultimate Fighter” veteran Cole Miller.

“That’s the fight I want. That’s the fight I’ve wanted since I’ve made my foot in the UFC since I can remember. The Cole Miller fight is definitely who I’m chasing down.”

Many fighters will say they only want to fight a guy because it’s business, they want to fight the best, and so one. Not so with Cerrone, he has a personal grudge with Miller.

“He beat Leonard Garcia about three and a half years ago,” Cerrone explained. “I was there. I was no one then. I had about five fights. I remember Cole was kind of blah, blah, blah, and I said all right (expletive), I got you. I got you.”

Cerrone and Garcia are the best of friends. They own a ranch together in New Mexico, so Cerrone makes no bones about wanting to avenge his friend.

Truthfully, it is probably a good first fight for him in the Octagon, one that fans will surely want to see.  A little feuding never hurts to sell a fight.