Donald Cerrone: ‘I tried to be cool, but now you just get a pissed off Cowboy’

(Courtesy of UFC)

Donald “Cerrone” fights so often that he just doesn’t have it in him to be mad at all of his opponents. In fact, he’s at the point in his career, and his life, where he’s generally happy to step in the cage and compete… may the better man win. 

Sometimes, however, try as he might, Cerrone draws an opponent that doesn’t see simply playing out the fight as the way to go. 

Leon Edwards – Cerrone’s opponent at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore – is a young buck that has been tearing up the UFC welterweight division of late, and Cerrone is the most high profile opponent he’s faced to date. So it’s no wonder that Edwards can’t leave well enough alone, and has called Cerrone old and slow in the lead-up to their main event showdown.

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Well, for Cerrone, he’s not just going to sit back and take it. As he said, “He just wants to run his mouth and tell the world all the things that he’s going to do to me. Good, go ahead. I tried to be cool, but now, you just get a pissed off Cowboy, and I don’t even have to talk to you after I beat your ass, so that’s cool.”