Donald Cerrone Blasts Jackson-Wink, Explains Leaving His Longtime Team

August 29, 2018

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone recently left the Jackson-Wink gym after a decade training under Greg Jackson in Albuquerque, N.M. Turns out, the split was anything but amicable.

Cerrone recently agreed to fight Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night 139 in Denver, the UFC’s 25th Anniversary event. Perry is a recent addition to the Jackson-Wink team, so Cerrone approached Jackson and his partner, Mike Winklejohn, about possibly having Perry train somewhere else for the fight. 

After all, Cerrone has called the place home for most of his professional career. He’s trained hours upon hours with not only Jackson, but with several fighters at the gym, all of whom know a lot about Cerrone that could be passed on to Perry.

Cerrone said during a recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast that after approaching Jackson and Winklejohn, he got a call the following day from Winklejohn, who told him that they were going to go with Perry at the gym, admitting that it was largely because he pays money. 

Greg Jackson UFC 145Cerrone actually pays money too. He pays Jackson, who has been his trainer for years. But he doesn’t pay Winklejohn. He’s never really gotten on with Winklejohn and that’s where things blew apart for Cerrone. He was understandably upset.

“With Greg, his name is on that building. It’s Jackson-Wink. Jackson-f—ing-Wink,” Cerrone said. “When it came time to pick the decision and they said, ‘We want to go with Perry.’ Why the f— didn’t you stand — because Greg’s still with me — he’s like, ‘I’ll just come to the ranch and we’ll sort this out.’ And I’m like, ‘What the f— are you talking about?’ You tell me I can’t come into the Jackson-Wink gym, but you’re going to backdoor and come into my f—ing house and we’re going to train me to fight while Perry’s there at the gym?

“You see everything he does and then you’re going to come and you’re going to train me, not to mention you’re holding classes there and — you might not be training him to beat me, but there’s a lot of people there that have trained with me for f—ing years. So to me, that was the point I was saying. Can we just not have him there for this camp?”

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That wasn’t the way it was going to go, however, at least as Cerrone tells it, as Perry was going to be allowed to stay and train at the gym, not him.

Cerrone blasted Winklejohn, who partnered with Jackson several years ago, explaining that when he and Jackson merged their businesses, the wheels came off.

“When Winklejohn merged over, all the big pros left, it turned into a puppy mill,” Cerrone said. “Back when Greg had it and it was its own school, you couldn’t turn up to a pro class. Some guy couldn’t just come here, knock on your door, and the next thing you know, he has shin pads on and he’s sparring.

“Literally at the new gym, bums come in off the street — I swear to God — and will come in and put stuff on and fight. That’s a true story. Random bums off the street. That would never happen back in the day.”

Donald Cerrone Explains to Joe Rogan Why He Left Jackson-Wink

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