Don Frye Volunteers To Fight Fedor

MMA legend Don Frye will return to action on Aug. 28 to face Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal at M-1 Global’s first major U.S. show in Los Angeles.

But he’d happily step in to face Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction “Trilogy”… if promoter Tom Atencio will let him.

“If Tom was smart, he’d have me fighting Fedor instead of whoever he’s hiring on a one week notice,” Frye told MMAInsider. “My phone works if he wants a real fight with someone who sell a fight in four days, somebody who will beat that bald-headed commie too.”

In fact, Frye said the only reason he was fighting Lawal was to get an eventual shot at Emelianenko.

“He ain’t seen anything I have to offer,” continued Frye. “He built his whole reputation (as a) waffle house chef. They’ve been serving him up ham and eggs with a side of canned tomatoes. I’ll bring it. And if he can bring it, you’ll have the best fight you’ve ever seen on the planet.”