MMAWeekly was in attendance as Don Frye spoke to the Japanese press before and after his victory over Yoshihisa Yamamoto on the Hero’s show this past weekend in Japan.

At the pre-fight press conference, Frye jokingly told the Japanese press, “This fight is very important for me because I’ve got a big, fat wife and nine screaming kids at home, and I’ve got to keep all of them fed and clothed.”

After the fight, Frye said, “I feel tired, and I feel beat up, but I’m real happy with the win.” When asked when he plans to fight next, Frye said, “It looks like they’ve invited me back for the Hero’s show in October, so I’m looking forward to that.”

When asked about his injuries and the status of his career and the age of 40, Frye said, “It’s an honor to be invited back to Hero’s at my age… I’ve got many injuries, but I’ve had a good, long career, and I’ve been an athlete since I was five years old. I’m 40 now, so I’ve been going at it for 35 years, but by the grace of God and a nice family that loves me and tolerates me, I get to keep going.”