September 25, 2010

by Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com C.B. Dollaway may have come out of the Arizona State wrestling class that produced the likes of Ryan Bader and Cain Velasquez, but at UFC 119 on Saturday night, he showed that, like his compatriots, he is growing far away from being just a wrestler that can throw punches.

His task was Joe Doerksen, a fighter with four times as many fights as he has had in his career. But Dollaway didn’t back away from the challenge, himself looking like the seasoned veteran in the bout.

Doerksen caught an early kick from Dollaway and rushed him to the mat, but that was the last inkling of offense that he would mount. Dollaway immediately locked on an arm-in guillotine, patiently waiting for Doerksen to make a move. When he did, the two scrambled, Dollaway slipped past the arm for a straight guillotine choke, rolled with Doerksen, and sank it in for the submission.

“I can’t believe I even got that,” said Dollaway, now 11-2, after the fight. “Joe’s got 33 submissions out of 46 wins. I was worried about his submission game.”

Former NFL player Matt Mitrione, in just his third professional fight, continues to show marked improvement.

His opponent, Joey Beltran, has five times his experience, but that wasn’t enough to overcome Mitrione’s striking attack, which is being fine tuned by former world champion kickboxer Jeff “Duke” Roufus.

Mitrione used a distinct reach advantage; patiently mixing up straight, crisp punches with an assortment of high and low kicks to control the majority of the fight. Each fighter had his moments where he stung the other, but neither could do significant damage. It came down to Mitrione outstriking Beltran for the better part of the fight, earning a unanimous decision victory.