by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Now that Demian Maia has been tagged as the next challenger to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title, and with Chael Sonnen likely the next up, how far away would Michael Bisping be if he defeats Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110?

While his concentration is solely focused on Silva, Bisping broke down the top contenders in the middleweight division when appearing on MMAWeekly Radio recently. He believes that with a win he’s definitely in the mix.

“All fighters, their goal is to get a title shot. Right now my focus is Wanderlei,” Bisping said. “I think one more solid win against a solid opponent, I should get a title shot.

“I think Nate Marquardt’s going to be out a while. Chael Sonnen is definitely in the mix; he’s had a couple very impressive wins lately. Demian Maia’s obviously getting his. If I keep winning between the time those guys have fought then that probably puts me next in line.”

Bisping knows what a tough challenge Wanderlei Silva is, and that’s one of the biggest reasons he knows that a win could mean big things for him in the 185-pound weight class.

“I think a win over a guy like Wanderlei, whether or not he’s had a few losses or not, the guy’s still one of the best out there. He’s had a fantastic career,” said Bisping. “A win against Wanderlei is obviously a big plus on anybody’s record. If I achieve that where does it put me? My only stoppage has been to Dan Henderson. Other than that, if I get through (the fight), I win every chance I’ve had at middleweight.”

Rumors recently circulated that the winner of Bisping/Silva could face Yoshihiro Akiyama sometime later this year. With nothing set in stone, the Brit says he’s down to face whoever the UFC puts in front of him, no different than any time before.

“I’ve never questioned an opponent. I’ll fight anyone the UFC says,” Bisping commented. “I think I’m right up there. To be honest, maybe there’s one or two other guys who are more deserving of a title shot right now, but I think another solid win behind me and I should be in the mix pretty soon.”