by Allison Kara (Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski)

(Photos courtesy of Thomas Michael Rozdzynski – ThruMyEye.com)


ST. CHARLES, ILL. – Disorderly Conduct III took place on Saturday at
the DuPage Expo Center.  Promoters
Jeff and Joe Albin put on a well organized show. The night featured great
matches, beautiful ring girls, and Disorderly Conduct III proved to be an action-packed
night that had the crowd on their feet cheering for more.  Twenty-Two fighters faced off in a
total of 11 bouts, three of which were title bouts, and as the night drew to a
conclusion, three fighters were officially declared Mayhem Champions. 


Cody Thompson made his MMA debut against Justin Hollaran in the first
bout of the evening. They both came out swinging.  Thompson showed a lot of heart and successfully defended
against a guillotine and an armbar attempt after an exchange of blows rocked
Hollaran, but was caught in a rear-naked choke at 2:33 of the first round.


Mike Letteri faced off against Ryan Robinson and both came out swinging.
After an action-packed first round, Robinson had a bloody nose from the solid
jabs thrown by Letteri.  Round two
brought the crowd to its feet as a flurry of punches was exchanged and Robinson
gave some back to Letteri with a clean cross that left Letteri equally
bloodied.  Both fighters showed
excellent submission attempts and escapes and the bout continued on to round
three. The fighters continued the pace, showcasing their conditioning. Letteri
went for a guillotine, Robinson kept his cool, defended, escaped and recovered
and landed a textbook knee on Letteri’s chin.  This bout went the distance and the judges’ scorecards
called Letteri the winner by unanimous decision.


Up-and-coming fighter Greg Reddington secured his victory with an armbar
at 49 seconds of round two in the fourth fight of the evening.


Josh Blanco showed tremendous heart and technical ground fighting skills
with multiple submission attempts against Clark Adams.  Adams defended and continued his
unrelenting attack of dropping hammers on Blanco’s face.  The fight lasted into the third round
and was correctly called by the ref at 1:33 when Clark let loose a barrage of
punches that left Blanco unable to defend himself.


The Main Events of the evening kicked off with Javier Vega vs. Jordin
Hinman.  Hinman scored the takedown
and after a scramble Vega went for a knee bar with transition to heel hook.  Hinman defended and landed in Vega’s
open guard and began throwing a flurry of punches down. Hinman was alternating
body and head shots and you could hear the punches connect over the cheering of
the crowd.  At 1:10 of first round,
the ref declared Hinman winner by TKO stoppage.


The second Main Event featured Brandon Delprado vs. Ryne Vincent.  After some solid leg kicks by Vincent,
the fight went to the ground. 
Delprado successfully defended a Kimura attempt from cross side, changed
the angle, and bridged Vincent off of him. He then gator rolled and landed in a
good position, sprawled on Vincent in the North/South position with Vincent on
all fours.  Vincent recovered and
pinned Delprado against the fence. 

Delprado broke away from the cinch and both fighters commenced to
exchange some heavy blows that ended the round. In round two Vincent was
throwing punches, but Delprado landed some knees, closed the distance and
secured a tight guillotine from standing position. He finished the fight by
guillotine at 34 seconds of the second round.


The third and final main bout of the evening was for the bantamweight title
belt pitting Mike Welch vs. Donald Harper.  Welch wasted no time, closed the distance on the
substantially taller Harper, and shot in for the takedown. Harper pulled
guard.  Welch attempted to pass,
but Harper kept his guard secure hunting for armbars, triangles, and
Kimuras.  Welch successfully
defended each until he worked to half guard after Harper attempted a
sweep.  Welch transitioned to full
mount and started walking his knees high. He started raining the punches down
on Harper, who in a scramble to defend against the blows gave up his back and
his neck. Welch locked in a tight rear naked choke in the first round at 2:26.



 145lb: Justin Hollaran vs.
Cody Thompson – Justin Hollaran winner by rear-naked choke

140lb: Mike Letteri  vs.
Ryan Robinson – Mike Letteri winner by unanimous decision

185lb: Grant Cavaliere vs. 

Joey Gonzalez – Grant Cavaliere winner by  TKO-ref stoppage

135lb: Gary McFadden vs. Greg Reddington – Greg Reddington winner by

170lb: Ryan Storey vs. Jahmale Maxwell – Ryan Storey winner by
unanimous decision

155lb: Edgar Torres vs. Alex Martinez – Edgar Torres winner by TKO

125lb: Chuck Giles vs. Ronnie Chapman – Ronnie Chapman winner by

185lb: Clark Adams vs. Josh Blanco – Clark Adams winner by TKO-ref


Main Events

155lb: Javier Vega vs. Jordin Hinman – Jordin Hinman winner by
TKO-ref stoppage

170lb: Brandon Delprado vs. Ryne Vincent – Brandon Delpardo winner
by guillotine

135lb: Mike Welch vs. Donald Harper – Mike Welch winner by
rear-naked choke