Diego Sanchez cuts ties with coach and manager Joshua Fabia

Diego Sanchez is no longer coached or managed by Joshua Fabia.

The decision was made Thursday after two years of Sanchez and Fabia working with one another.

Sanchez first began working with Fabia before his fight with Mickey Gall at UFC 235 that ended in a TKO victory for Sanchez.

From then on, Sanchez struggled inside of the octagon. The UFC Hall of Famer lost two unanimous decisions to Michael Chiesa and Jake Matthews, but was victorious against Michel Pereira, albeit by disqualification.

The majority of the scrutiny paid to Fabia, however, was a result of his actions that took place outside of the octagon.

The owner of the School of Self Awareness was criticized by many fighters and pundits of the sport due to his questionable teaching techniques and his behavior toward UFC employees and executives.

In the leadup to his scheduled fight with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC Vegas 26, Fabia requested all of Sanchez’s medical records from his entire career in the UFC.

This led UFC executive Hunter Campbell to express concern and require Sanchez to ensure he was not suffering from any sort of health issues ahead of his fight at UFC Vegas 26.

Sanchez declined, and he was removed from his fight with “Cowboy” and subsequently released.

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Once Sanchez was released by the UFC, Sanchez posted a video of Fabia berating UFC broadcasters during fighter interviews in the leadup to his fight with Jake Matthews at UFC 253 for the way they spoke about Sanchez.

It was particularly bizarre because it appeared as if Fabia was personally offended by remarks made by the UFC broadcasters in reference to his qualifications as a mixed martial arts coach.

Fabia taking issue with the questioning of his qualifications by not only UFC broadcasters and commentators but the media altogether was a common theme throughout his partnership with Sanchez as well.

Since Sanchez’s release, both Fabia and Sanchez have taken part in interviews where both made fairly inflammatory remarks in reference to the promotion. Which is why it somewhat comes as a surprise that Sanchez abruptly cut ties with Fabia.

This story was originally reported by MMA Fighting.