Diego Sanchez Contemplates Lightweight Return

February 16, 2012

Diego Sanchez UFC 114
Diego Sanchez is a man without a weight class.

Well at least a defined weight class that is. The former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner is currently debating a possible move back down to lightweight after his latest fight at 170lbs against Jake Ellenberger.

The problem that Sanchez runs into is the same one that haunts former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin. He’s not quite big enough for one weight class and it’s a rough cut to get down to the next lower weight class.

“There’s always a chance of me going back to 155. I have one loss at that weight class,” Sanchez said after his loss to Ellenberger on Wednesday night. “I’m wish-washy whether I’m going to stay at 70 or 55 because it’s real hard for me to stay at 70. I have to be able to lift weights a lot, like I really have to be able to lift weights a lot.

“I’m stuck in between both of the weight classes. It has its ups and downs. At 70 and 55, I have to cut more weight at 55, at 70 I have to lift more weights.”

Sanchez made his initial move down to 155lbs in 2009 and stayed there for a total of three fights. The New Mexico native picked up wins over Joe Stevenson and Clay Guida, before losing in his bid to capture the UFC lightweight title in a fight against then champion B.J. Penn.

Following the loss to Penn, Sanchez opted to go back up to welterweight where he has spent the majority of his fighting career.

He’s gone 2-2 since moving back to 170lbs, but he’s not closing the door on a return to 155lbs if things work out the right way.

In his ideal world, Sanchez says he wishes there were just more weight classes for fighters like himself who are basically in between divisions.

“I wish it was a 155, 165 and 175 honestly,” Sanchez stated.

As far as UFC President Dana White is concerned, he doesn’t care what weight class Sanchez competes at. He’s just a fan of the former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season 1 champion no matter what division he chooses to compete in.

“The kid’s a stud. He brings it every time. Tell me the last Diego Sanchez fight that sucked. If the kid wants to fight at 55, 45, 25; he can fight wherever he wants to,” White said. “He’s professional. He shows up on weight. Always does the right thing. I love Diego Sanchez.

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