Did Nate Diaz just retire from the UFC?

Nate Diaz, just days after having fought Jorge Masvidal in the UFC 244 main event and demanding a rematch, appears to be stepping away from fighting. At least for the time being.

“F*** a rematch this s**t was over before it started,” Diaz wrote on his Instagram account. “I’m goin on out on tour. Peace out fight game.”

That’s hardly a declaration of his retirement, but with the Diaz brothers, you never truly know the true intent until months or even years later. 

Diaz was quick to call for a rematch after his fight with Masvidal was stopped in between the third and fourth rounds because of cuts above and below his right eye. That didn’t sit well with a lot of fans, and it certainly didn’t sit well with Diaz, especially considering that he and Masvidal were fighting for street cred in their BMF (Baddest Motherf***er) title bout.

Nate Diaz thought the fight was shifting to his favor

It was quite the letdown for the BMF bout to be decided by the doctor, especially when Diaz felt the tide shifting after having lost the first three rounds.

“I think this guy is easing up. I think it’s gonna get better for me, it’s gonna start getting better for me right now,” Diaz recounted at the UFC 244 press conference. “Then (the doctor) goes over and he stops the fight.

“I’m like dude, are you f***ing kidding me? That pisses me off. It makes me really mad.”

Dana White shot down an immediate Masvidal vs. Diaz rematch

Though he demanded an immediate rematch, UFC president Dana White wasn’t too excited to run it back. At least, not right away. 

That led Diaz to believe that the UFC might be digging in against him, like he has felt they have in the past. So perhaps this recent comment about walking away is as much Diaz challenging the UFC as it is him actually wanting to step away. 

“I can already see the f***ery coming. I know how the game works. I give all the rematches and make names for all these people. I believe I was responsible for this whole s**t. I brought the president – straight up. I didn’t see no president going to no title fights. I believe it’s fair (to get a rematch),” Diaz said at the press conference.

“My plan is to tell them all ‘f*** you’ and then hopefully we get along soon. Then let’s get back at it. That’s my plan. You’ve got to kill me in there. This whole s**t happened and I would like for it to happen again. F*** you, with all due respect. I believe I deserve a rematch. I’ve given mine.”

Diaz walking away only to return again later isn’t unprecedented. He left the Octagon for three years before returning to defeat Anthony Pettis and then lose to Jorge Masvidal. Is this another time that Diaz will take an extended break until the fights he wants come his way?

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