by MMAWeekly.com Staff
MMA Referee Cecil Peoples has been at a firestorm of controversy because of his stoppage in the Nate Quarry vs Pete Sell fight. Did he stop the fight too soon?

Depends who you ask. MMAWeekly’s Ken Pishna spoke with Cecil Peoples briefly after the fight and asked him what his reasoning was for the end of that fight. He said that the first punch that dropped Sell dazed him, but Cecil wasn’t too worried about it. The punch that caused him to jump in to stop the fight was the right hand that Quarry dropped while Sell was on the mat. Cecil said that “Pete’s eyes rolled up into his head”. When Peoples jumped in to stop the fight, he thought Quarry was still trying to punch Sell and told him “stop hitting him”. Quarry replied that he wasn’t punching him.

Cecil then noticed that it was Sell who had started to try and punch back at this point and he notified Sell that the fight was over and Sell said no and continued to try and fight back. Peoples was maintaining his position in an attempt to stop Sell from continuing to struggle and to get him to cease fighting.

On the Soundoff Forum, some of you weren’t too happy about it. “I cannot speak for Pete Sell, but for myself, after all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into preparing for a fight, I would rather leave on a stretcher knowing I lost to a better man than walk out wondering what would have happened if some NSAC shill hadn’t jumped the gun and stolen the fight from me.” – Dave a.k.a Officedrone

Others said Peoples did the right thing. “Cecil’s job is to protect the fighters at all cost. It may have been a little early, but the referee’s job is to protect the fighter and he did that las night.” – Chris Tambian

For those that don’t know, although Peoples may not be a familiar face as a referee in the Octagon, he has refereed in the UFC and Nevada before, as well as numerous organizations outsite of the state. In fact, he has hundreds, if not thousands of bouts to his credit as a referee in mixed martial arts, not just boxing and kickboxing.

This wasn’t a situation of a new referee that hadn’t been put in this position before. Peoples has been there before and whether you agree with his decision or not, this was a case of him making a judgement call.

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