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(Adult Language Warning: Today’s radio show does contain adult language as the fighters did not pull punches about how they felt about the weekend. The fighters on today’s radio show did use language that may not be appropriate for young listeners. Please use discretion when listening to today’s radio archive: MMAWeekly Staff)

The topic today on MMAWeekly Radio was supposed to be how great of a weekend it was in the fight game. Instead more controversy between Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs erupted. Riggs wanted to share his thoughts on the weekend with Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg today on the radio so the “Diesel” sounded off.

“Nick Diaz is fu*%&ing crazy, that’s what he is…” Riggs told MMAWeekly Radio. Riggs went into detail about how he went to the hospital after the fight and ended up getting into a fight with Diaz. He also addressed separate incidents that Riggs said happened in a bathroom, the hotel lobby and more. Riggs stated that he had an I.V. in his arm when they started fighting at the hospital “the IV came out, blood was flying everywhere, women screaming, it was crazy.”

Not to be outdone, after the Riggs interview, Diaz then called in the radio show and gave his take on the situation and Diaz wasn’t shy giving a swearing tirade at one point talking about the dislike he has for Riggs. Diaz said he threw the first punch and knocked down Riggs.

Diaz also said there was no incident in the bathroom and had a different story of what happened in the hospital, talking about after the incident and saying it was Riggs that came over to him and provoked the fight. In either case, needless to say, check out today’s radio archive for what some fans are calling the best radio show ever and the show of the year by the fans.

As far as what happened after the incident, Diaz said the police talked to him after and told him not to do it again. One of the officers recognized Diaz and got an autograph and picture with Nick. As far as his future, he does not know what will happen from this point on.