September 17, 2008

by Al Yu, MMAWeekly.com
Ultimate Fighter season five winner Nate Diaz faced off against Josh Neer in the main event of the evening. “The Dentist” had the support of former UFC champion Jens Pulver and LC Davis in his corner while Diaz was supported by his older brother Nick.

Diaz impressed the fans with smooth transitions into submission attempts while Neer scored more damage with his strikes and slams.

Both fighters showed excellent poise and resilience in defending the offense of each other, making it a highly entertaining yet technical fight.

After three exciting rounds, Nate Diaz was awarded a split decision. The fight was very close and the victory could have gone to either fighter. Some of the fans expressed their displeasure regarding the decision but were ultimately pleased by the fight as a whole.

The Cesar Jiu-Jitsu fighter gave Neer a lot of credit afterwards for his ability to defend against Diaz’s submission attempts.

“Josh Neer, he ain’t no black belt in Jiu-Jitsu like the other guys I’ve been fighting. This (expletive), this dude right here can fight. All these other Jiu-Jitsu guys and (expletive) and wrestlers, ya’ll need to learn how to box. Get in here and fight us. This dude is down.”

“I train hard. I just try to work my ass off, I ain’t quitting. Neither is that dude (pointing at Neer).”