by Ken Pishna – MMAWeekly.com
Contrary to a report published on Monday, UFC 82 fighter Luke Cummo has not tested positive for elevated levels of caffeine or any other substance following his Ultimate Fighting Championship bout with Luigi Fioravanti in Columbus, Ohio.

In fact, according to Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato, Cummo was not even one of the fighters tested following his bout. He stated that Ohio took a little bit different tact with UFC 82 to crack down on performance enhancing drugs and instead of randomly testing fighters, the state chose to test all of the winners.

“Only the winners were tested and those test results will not be know for approximately 10 days to two weeks,” said Profato.

Cummo lost a three-round unanimous decision.

The report in question appears to be a “spoof story” posted on the Fightlinker website, taking a satirical jab at Cummo’s oft discussed alternative approach to diet and health. It was however picked up and reported as news by at least one other website on Monday.

Regardless of the intention of the story, Profato took the report seriously, as it specifically quoted a fictitious Ohio Athletic Commission representative, fighter agent Ken Pavia, and UFC president Dana White.

He seemed most concerned that a false story such as this could hurt a fighter’s credibility and his future in the sport. Profato isn’t overlooking the seriousness of the matter, saying, “I’ll be contacting the state’s Attorney General office (on Tuesday) to see what options we have in this type of matter because this is absolutely not true.”