Despite Recent Doctor’s Clearance, Anderson Silva Declares He’ll Wait Until 2015 to Fight

Anderson SilvaFormer UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been cleared to return to full training, but he has cast aside any hopes that he might fight by the end of 2014.

“So, I back for next year. This year, I no back for fight,” Silva told content partner MMA Heat. “I have my plans. I have my family. I stay together my family. I work more in my academy in Brazil. So, next year, I don’t know when, but next year.”

Silva’s managers, Ed Soares and Jorge Guimaraes, on Tuesday confirmed that their fighter has been fully cleared from the gruesome broken leg he suffered at UFC 168 in December, and that there are no restrictions on his physical activity. Silva, however, appears to want some time to recharge his mental state of being, as well as his body.

Leading up to his first fight with Chris Weidman last summer, Silva had talked about being tired and sounded as if he might be a little burnt out from all the pressures and demands of being a champion for such a long time. After losing the first fight, Silva didn’t take much time off, and instead chose to accept a rematch.

The rematch resulted in Silva suffering breaks to both his tibia and fibula in his left leg. Now that he has rehabbed the leg and returned to full health, it appears he wants to stave off some of the mental fatigue that he might have been feeling, as he wants to focus on spending some time with his family and running his academy.

It doesn’t sound like the former champion has any hesitation about fighting again, but appears to be enjoying his time away from the structure of constantly being in fight mode.

“Now, my leg is perfect. I don’t have nothing difficult,” he added. “The time when I broke my leg, I’m scared. Now, I’m good, I’m very happy.

“My doctor say, that’s okay, you’re ready for kick, no problem. You ready (to come back); when you ready, you’re back. But I (won’t be) back till next year.”

In the meantime, he’ll enjoy some time with his family, raising his kids, and relishing in his teammates successes.

Silva’s friend, Lyoto Machida, is slated to challenge Weidman for the UFC middleweight championship at UFC 175 on July 5 in Las Vegas, and of course, Silva has nothing but a smile on his face when he discusses his friend.

“I am very happy and very excited for this fight. Lyoto win,” said Silva. “I’m believe in Lyoto win; he’s the new champion.”

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