Desmond Torres ready for next level heading into LFA 69

Following an undefeated 2018, bantamweight Desmond Torres was looking to keep things rolling when he faced Steve Ramirez at Bellator 2014 in January.

In just over four minutes, Torres was able to submit Ramirez and extend his winning streak to four victories in a row following the sole loss of his career in 2017.

“I prepared really hard for that fight,” Torres told “It was my first ever fight for a really big promotion (in Bellator) so I made sure I minded my P’s and Q’s, dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s.

“When I went out there and did my thing, going back and re-watching my fight, I looked a lot better than I thought. I was very happy with the performance. There’s a little bit I need to work on after it, but still I’m very happy with the performance and starting off my year right.”

Torres feels his recent winning ways are a result of relocating from Hawaii to California to work with Team Oyama full time.

“One thing that I did that really boosted my game was moving to California two years ago to pursue the MMA dream,” said Torres. “Taking myself away from the outside and fully putting focus on my MMA – this is all I do right now – I’m fully focused on fighting and every day I’m focused on MMA. I think that really improved my game.

“(At the same time) I see where I’m really at during the fight. I always tell people that you can be thinking you’re making all the right improvements (in training) but there’s no really end results until you are in the fight.”

On Friday, June 7, in Cabazon, Calif., Torres (6-1) will look to add to his winning streak when he faces Jose Medina (4-0) in an LFA 69 main card bantamweight bout.

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“I have a very good opponent ahead of me,” Torres said of Medina. “I’m not taking him lightly at all. I’m prepared for the fight and everything.

“I feel I’ve been training with high-level fighters in the gym and everything. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been on this level or past this level for a while now, but I’m really excited to show out (on June 7).”

While Torres would like to move up to the next level before the end of 2019, he’s willing to take his time and be fully prepared for that move when it does come.

“I always have timeframes in my head, but one thing I realized is that nothing ever goes how I thought,” said Torres. “Things eventually come, but they don’t come in the time I thought. I want to be on the next level, but I don’t know when. When the time presents itself, I’ll be ready.”