Press Release
DesertBrawl XVII-Bikes, Babes, and Brawls III
By: Steve “Spaniard” Roberts

On Saturday April 1, 2006 the Deschutes County Expo Center in Redmond Oregon will be host to DesertBrawl XVII Bikes, Babes, and Brawls III.

The main event is being dubbed by many as the “fight of year” between current undefeated DesertBrawl Professional 155lb champ Mike “Pretty Boy” Joy, and current Sportfight 155 lb and former DesertBrawl champ John “Guns” Gunderson.

This fight brings two of the best 155lb fighters in the
Northwest together in the cage to prove once and for all who is king of the light weight division in Oregon. This is a winner take all fight that is rumored to be worth $4000. Joy is a very exciting fighter who brings a raw and new talent to the cage. Joy trains with Marcelo Alonso out of
Seattle Washington, and has been currently training with the Desert Dog Fight Team in Bend Oregon. Joy is predominantly a jiu-jitsu fighter, yet his unorthodox style has left more than one person asleep on the mat.

Joy is undefeated and looking to prove he is the real deal. His opponent John “Guns” Gunderson a former Desert Dog, trains with the New World Fighters out of Medford Oregon. Gun’s is a seasoned veteran who is having the biggest year of his career with wins over Cam Ward and Crazy Horse, and
Shawn Bias. Gunderson is a very complete fighter. Look for Gunderson to keep it standing and look for the knockout, while I think Joy will take this fight to the ground and work his dominate ground game.

Justin Homan and the Metal Mulish will be on hand showing off their aerial skills. If you didn’t get to see the last two Bikes, Babes, and Brawls then make sure you get a ticket because you don’t want to miss this! Down Low customs
will be on hand showing off some of their sick custom choppers. And the first ever Oregon Open submission tournament will be held during the day.

This is a good way to get an inside look at grappling, and its relation to Mixed Martial Arts. The co-main event will be a rematch between current DesertBrawl professional 205lb champ Paul “Picnic” Purcell, and former DesertBrawl Champ Justin “Hawk” Hawes. These two met at DB XV where
Hawes got the better of Purcell and won by submission in the second round.

Purcell trains with Victory Athletics out of Spokane Washington; and is known as a stand up fighter. Purcell took the belt in surprising fashion by knocking out the former champ by spinning back fist in 1:04 of the first round at DB XVI. His opponent Justin “Hawk” Hawes trains with the
Desert Dog Fight Team out of Bend Oregon. Hawes is a very complete fighter who likes to bang it out with his opponents, and fall back on a sound jiu-jitsu game. Look for these two to bang it out, and who ever is left
standing will win. Make sure to stay in your seats for this one!

Crowd favorite and former champ Wrecc as in “wrecking ball” will be facing a very tough and seasoned veteran in Rich “El Chupacabra” Guerin. Guerin trains with the Bad Intentions Fight Team out of Yakima Washington.
Guerin is a tough veteran who likes to bang. This is a great match up between two great stand up fighters; look for both of these fighters to come out swinging. Current champ Trevor “Haywire” Harris, will be taking on challenger, and cult legend Zach “Bulldog’ Jenkins. This is a highly
anticipated fight between two very exciting amateurs. Harris trains with New World Fighters out of Medford Oregon, and is a predominate ground and pound type fighter. Jenkins is a wild and crazy fighter who brings a raw rage to the octagon; do not miss this fight! There are plenty of
rumored fights as well on this already unbelievable card like: Kyacey Uscola, Trent Standing, and Robert Kincade. Make sure to check out the commercial and trailer for DBXVII produced by Chris “Man behind the Curtain” Fought on the home page of DesertBrawl.com. This event is sure to sell out, so get your tickets now; as for me keep checking “Fight Night” for all you DesertBrawl news. For more info email me at steve@desertbrawl.com.