Derrick Lewis predicts first-exchange KO of Curtis Blaydes at UFC Vegas 19

February 19, 2021

Derrick Lewis is ready for anything ahead of his main event fight with Curtis Blaydes at UFC Vegas 19 on Saturday.

Everyone who has watched the sport knows what his stand-up game is like.

Lewis has the most knockouts in UFC heavyweight history and is also tied for the most knockouts in UFC history with 11.

But what about his ground game? Lewis is up against an outstanding wrestler in Curtis Blaydes in Saturday’s main event. 

Blaydes chuckles at Lewis’ comments about “The Black Beast” being able to take him down and punish him on the ground. For maybe the first time ever, Lewis doesn’t understand what all the laughing is about.

Speaking with at the UFC Vegas 19 virtual media day, Lewis said he welcomes Blaydes to take the fight to the ground.

“I really do believe I can have more takedowns than him in this fight,” Lewis said. “I really do believe that.”

Understandably, with the decorated wrestling background that he possesses, Blaydes has not taken kindly to comments like these in the lead-up to this fight.

Blaydes said he believes Lewis does not take the necessary steps to be great. But in what appears to be a recurring theme here, Lewis is not concerned.

“That’s fine. How many fights I got and how many fights he got? What’s goin’ on with me and what’s goin’ on with him? My resume speaks for itself,” Lewis said. “He could say what he wants, that’s fine. Whatever it takes for him to show up fight night, that’s fine. So I don’t care.”

Despite welcoming a fight on the ground with Blaydes, the Black Beast predicted a quick finish against Razor Blaydes.

“I’ll knock him out in the first round,” Lewis said. “First exchange, I’ll knock him out.”

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