Derrick Lewis KOs man trying to break into his car, posts IG video

Derrick Lewis knocked out yet another opponent on Tuesday, this time outside of the octagon as he beat up a man who was attempting to break into his car.

Lewis told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that he noticed the man trying to break into his SUV, Lewis knocked out the would-be car thief and the suspect was then apprehended by police.

‘The Black Beast’ posted a video of police apprehending the suspect on his instagram with the caption, “Mofo pick right/wrong car to break into. HE’S OK #herbdeanfault”. 

The video shows a head bandage wrapped around the suspect as police lead him to the squad car.

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“Motherf—–r tried to break in my sh-t,” Lewis said in the Instagram video.

Lewis also posted a picture on his Instagram story showing off his bruised knuckles.

One thing is for sure, the man who attempted to break into Lewis’ SUV certainly picked the wrong car owner to try it with.

Hopefully this experience discourages the suspect from attempting to do this again.