Derrick Lewis has hilarious back and forth with French reporter

As one could have predicted, Derrick Lewis stole the UFC 265 pre-fight press conference with a handful of comedic rebuttals and one-liners.

But perhaps his funniest exchange was with a French reporter.

The reporter first asked fellow Frenchman and Lewis’ opponent in the main event of UFC 265, Cyril Gane, how it would feel to beat Lewis in his native city of Houston in front of his fans.

“I’m really excited about this fight. If tomorrow I win, I’m gonna be proud and I’m just gonna be proud,” Gane said. “I’m a simple guy. Yes, of course I want to win. I want to beat Derrick. Of course. I want to do the show for the fans. I want to finish the fight before the end, and I want to have the belt.”

The hilarity ensued when Lewis responded to the reporter asking him the same question.

“You’re gonna have to excuse my French, but f–k you and f–k him,” Lewis said.

The reporter then responded and said “We’ll remember that on Saturday night.”

Lewis responded immediately.

“Write that s–t down. Take a picture. I don’t give a f–k,” Lewis said.

If you step to Derrick Lewis with a microphone in his hand, be ready for anything.

The clip of this exchange can be found below.

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