Derrick Krantz Looking to Rebound Against Dave Burrow at Legacy FC 57

Though he split his two fights in 2015, former Legacy FC welterweight champion Derrick Krantz does not feel like he lost any momentum after building up a three-fight winning streak.

“I started off a big win, I won the (Legacy FC) title, and it really boosted my confidence after beating somebody like Brock Larson,” Krantz told “I got pretty confident, a little proud, and then I ended up taking that fight with Alex (Morono) and kind of rushed the fight. He got the best of me that night. I’ve learned from it.

“Last year I don’t feel like it hurt my career any. I look at my fighting career as a whole, not just what happened last year, or the year before, or this year.”

One thing that has Krantz looking forward to 2016 is the work he’s done to develop his overall game, and becoming the type of fighter that no one can focus on just one skill to prepare for.

“I get in the gym and out-spar and out-wrestle anybody I’m up against, but there are times where I don’t feel as confident in a certain area and I kind of choke on it,” he said. “What I’ve been working on has been more mental, and being more confident in my fight game.

“Last year I focused on grappling and ground and pound, a little bit on striking, but I turned away from it and focused on grappling and wrestling. I feel like I want people to respect my power, my hands, my stand-up and my ground game.”

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Krantz (17-9) will look to rebound at Legacy FC 57 in Shreveport, Louisiana, against Dave Burrow (14-7) in a main card 170-pound bout on July 1.

“He’s a game fighter,” Krantz said of Burrow. “I think he’s won most of his fights by submission, which makes him obviously dangerous on the ground. I’m not going to say I’m not worried about it, but I will say that I’m well prepared.

“My way of beating him is just not rushing, and just fight technical. Go out there and show off my skillset, rather than just trying to put him out in 20 seconds or 10 seconds. Take my time, pick him apart, punish him and make him not want to be there.”

While he’s not sure what could be ahead for him, Krantz wants to remain busy across any combat sport he’s able to find opportunities in to continue to develop as a fighter.

“I’m usually a fight-by-fight person,” he said. “I jump on any fight that gets brought up to me. If somebody offered me a fight two weeks after this one, I’ll take it.

“I’ve hooked up with a boxing manager and have been trying to set up some boxing fights as well. Just keep me going. I feel that’s the only way I’m going to keep getting better.”

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