Derek Brenon Looking to Remain Undefeated at LFA 22

September 6, 2017

After a couple years not quite feeling at home with where he was living and training, featherweight prospect Derek Brenon has finally found his footing in Colorado with Factory X.

Aside from a lack of fights, Brenon feels his move has been relatively painless and he couldn’t be happier where he finds himself now.

“I’m originally from upstate New York, but I recently moved out here last December to train at Factory X and the guys out here,” Brenon told “Overall, it’s been a really easy transition.

“It’s been a little slow fight-wise; I’ve only had one fight so far this year, but I’m about to have two more, so I’m looking forward to finishing out the year strong.”

After taking a year off to save for his move to Colorado, Brenon had his first fight in 2017 in March against Jesse O’Rullian, and managed to pick up a 24-second submission win.

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“Because I took a year off from competing, but I was so amped up to get back into the cage that I just went out there and finished it super-fast instead of being patient and taking my time,” said Brenon. “I think I performed overall very well, but I’m trying to focus on controlling my energy and controlling the fight and being patient and waiting for those shots.

“(Winning quickly) makes for exciting fights, but I want to get more experience and ring time, so that’s what I’m looking to do in these next few fights. Just take my time and be patient, and take everything in and learn from it.”

On Friday in Broomfield, Colorado, Brenon (5-0) takes on Boimah Karmo (4-2) in a main card 145-pound bout at LFA 22.

“Karmo’s a really tough guy,” Brenon said. “He’s got a good kickboxing, stand-up, game and also a solid ground game as well, but I think that I’m going to get the finish like I always do. I think it’s going to be in a little controlled manner this time.

“I don’t think Karmo has anything that I haven’t seen before. I’m going to go out there and do what I’m going to do.”

Now that he’s settled in his new home, Brenon is looking to build the foundation to which he can make a run at MMA’s biggest stage in 2018.

“I knew it was going to take some time and get my name out here and work my way up unto these promotions out here,” said Brenon. “I knew this year was going to be a transition year, and then next year is going to be the year that I get that big opportunity that can take me to the next level.”

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