Dennis Siver Assertively Asks Conor McGregor to Stick His Opinion Where the Sun Don’t Shine

January 12, 2015

Gotta love fight-week trash talk, right?

Dennis Siver has surely been listening to the media and all the gushing adoration blogs give to Conor McGregor. Truth is the guy talks copious amounts of trash about his opponents and this makes people want to click on his picture, so who are we to deny you, the reader, that clickability? You’re welcome.

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But with all the quote-worthy headlines Conor has given us over the past couple years, it’s really great when it’s his upcoming opponent, the soft-spoken Dennis Siver, who drops the golden nugget.

To the quote, via and translated by MMA Mania:

I’m not impressed at all. He promised to beat me in two minutes, but he can stick that prediction in his ass. When I finish him on Sunday, I’ll laugh. I can understand all that shit talking in front of the camera, but when he does it privately, behind the scenes, that proves to me he is an asshole.

We find it important to tell you guys that the Google Translate version of this quote said “His forecasts can be plugged in the ass.” This, of course, is another hilarious example of how the Translate function can take things way too literally, but it’s pretty easy to figure out that Siver wants Conor to stick his prediction up the brown eye.

Siver and McGregor are scheduled to headline UFC Fight Night 59 this Sunday, Jan. 18. Watch it and we’ll see whose opinion gets the butt treatment.

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