Dennis Hallman Has No Interest In Third Fight With Matt Hughes

November 24, 2010

Dennis Hallman UFC 117

Dennis Hallman

There’s no doubt that Dennis Hallman sits in rarefied air when it comes to his track record against UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes.

Hallman has twice submitted the former UFC welterweight champion, and with his current run in the promotion, there has been some buzz among fans about a third fight between the two.

The only problem is that neither the UFC nor Hallman seem particularly intrigued by the trilogy.

UFC president Dana White said after UFC 123 that they haven’t really ever thought about giving Hughes a chance to avenge his two previous losses to Hallman.

“I don’t know. I’ve got to talk to Matt and see what Matt’s thinking,” White said when asked about the match-up.

White went on to say that Hughes has never brought up the fight to him in regards to settling a score with Hallman.

Victorious at UFC 123 with a TKO win over Karo Parisyan, Dennis Hallman also admits that a third fight with Hughes isn’t something he’s ever focused on, and a lot of pieces would have to fall into place for them to face off again.

“For myself as a fighter, I don’t have anything to gain,” Hallman said about fighting Hughes again. “If it financially made sense for me, I would want to do it. If it wasn’t something that made sense financially for me then I don’t have anything to gain from it. It’s kind of like that situation.”

The demand is what will really drive if Hallman vs. Hughes 3 ever does come to fruition, and the Washington based fighter knows the UFC will try their best to appease the fans.

“If the people want to see it then I’m sure the UFC will make it happen,” said Hallman.

So as far as Hallman is concerned the chapter in his career that contained Matt Hughes has already been closed, and he’s ready to turn the page to a new subject. With two wins in a row, Hallman hopes to face the best challenge the UFC can give him in his next fight in the Octagon.

“Everybody’s tough in the UFC so I don’t really have anybody I could pick and say I want to fight that guy, or anything like that,” Hallman commented. “Anybody that they bring to me that’s signed to the UFC is going to be a tough opponent. I’ll be prepared for it.”

Hallman plans on taking some time off around the holidays to coach wrestling, and says he’d be ready for a late January return if the UFC came calling. Otherwise, he’ll just sit back and wait for the next challenge to arrive, whether it’s Matt Hughes, or somebody else.