Demian Maia Feels Quick Finish of Carlos Condit Earned Him a Title Shot

August 28, 2016

Demian Maia’s superb jiu-jitsu game has made him one of the top welterweights in the UFC. His performance against Carlos Condit at UFC on FOX 21 on Saturday night was another example of that.

Maia stopped Condit in the first round of their fight in the main event on the card in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In the process, Maia became the first fighter to submit Condit in more than a decade.

That kind of showcase tends to get top contenders title shots in their next fight. Is that the same case for Maia?

UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Demian-Maia-310-750“I think so,” Maia said when asked if the win over Condit put UFC brass on notice about being considered for championship contention. “Many people, including me, thought he [beat Robbie Lawler] and he was supposed to be the champ. So what else should I do? I [have] six wins in a row.”

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Fighters who feel they are deserving of a title shot historically have seen mixed results when their next fight gets booked. Some get their desired championship opportunity, while others find themselves getting fights meant to keep them active while the UFC writes its own championship story.

If you think Maia’s going to be one of those who fights to stay active, think again. It appears Maia’s about title shots and nothing else.

“I’ll wait,” he said when asked if he’ll take other fights while the UFC figures out the next bout for welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. “I can stay active in training and doing my teaching and doing whatever I do every day.”

UFC President Dana White has said that Woodley will face Stephen Thompson next. Woodley, however, has his eyes fixed on “money fights” and prefers the likes of Georges St-Pierre or Nick Diaz for his next opponent and first title defense.

If Maia has his way, he’ll leapfrog them all. At 38 years old, his window for fighting is nearing its closure, and getting that shot is better booked sooner than later, especially when it comes off the heels of a six-fight win streak.

“I respect Thompson, he’s a great guy,” he said. “Of course, you know, I’m much older than him, so if they can give me (the title shot) first, that would be great. If not, I hope they give it to him really fast and they decide that I wait for who wins the fight.”

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