Demetrious Johnson Will Drop When UFC Creates Flyweight Division

November 12, 2010

Demetrious Johnson vs Damacio Page WEC 52

Johnson vs Page

There’s already been discussion about lightweights dropping down to featherweight when the WEC divisions are moved to the UFC in 2011. At some point in the future, the UFC has guaranteed the addition of a flyweight division as well, which will then see a number of bantamweights dropping down.

One of the fighters guaranteed to make that drop is WEC 52 winner Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, who raised his record to 8-1 on Thursday night with a win over Damacio Page. He believes 125 is his future home.

“I think flyweight is a necessity for me,” Johnson said after the win. “I walk around at maybe 141, and I have to eat a lot to get to 145.”

There are several other big names in the WEC that could potentially make the cut down to 125 pounds, including former bantamweight title contender Joseph Benavidez and veteran Charlie Valencia, who has already stated he would drop down when the weight class debuts.

Until the flyweights make their first appearance in the Octagon, Johnson is happy to keep working away in the bantamweight division, where he has found success despite giving up size to several opponents.

“I’ll keep fighting at 135 if the WEC wants me to, and when 125 comes out, I’ll go there,” he stated.

Johnson believes that his job is to go out and compete and let the higher ups at the UFC decide when and where he fights.

“It’s their job (to decide),” he said. “It’s my job just to fight.”

So far Johnson has been doing pretty good work at his job.