Demetrious Johnson Provides Injury Update: Some Good, Some Bad

August 13, 2018

Demetrious Johnson has some good news about his UFC 227 injury, but he also has some bad news.

Following his loss of the UFC flyweight title to Henry Cejudo via a split decision in Los Angeles, Johnson said that he thought he might have broken his foot and suffered a torn right LCL. He was wrong about the broken bones; he did not suffer a fracture in his foot. But, he was dead about the ligament damage.

“There’s no broken bones, but there’s still a little swelling,” Johnson said during Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday. “I got the MRI results. I have a high-grade partial tear in my LCL. Right now, I’m suffering from pain in my lower calf area … I can’t even sleep at night. I’m waking up, just sweating in bed. I saw the UFC Performance Institute doctor, the physio therapist, and I have a possible tear in my Achilles into my calf, (but) that’s not for certain. I need to see how high the grade is for the tears.”

Demetrious Johnson UFC 216 postThough he doesn’t yet know the full severity of the LCL damage, Johnson doesn’t think he’s going to need surgery.

“I don’t think I should (need surgery) but it all depends on the severity of the tear,” Johnson continued. “Because when I get MRIs, it says hybrid partial tear on the LCL. So is that grade one, grade two, or grade three? Typically, grade three, you need surgery; grade two is six weeks off and rehab. It’s feeling like a grade two because I’ve had a tear in my left LCL before. In the fight, when it happened, I felt the pop go and the first thing that went through my head was, ‘Oh, that’s fantastic, there goes the right LCL.’”

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Prior to losing the belt to Cejudo, Johnson had been the only flyweight champion the UFC had ever known, and he had already defeated Cejudo once in the past. If anyone had ever earned an immediate rematch, it would have to be Johnson, but the severity of his injury could determine whether or not he gets an immediate shot at getting the belt back.

Meanwhile, Cejudo is angling for a super fight against UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw.