Demarques Jackson ready to put on ‘performance of a lifeteime’ LFA 64 title fight

April 25, 2019

Looking back over his 2018, lightweight Demarques Jackson feels like the year went almost perfectly.

In three bouts last year, Jackson managed to win all three, picking up finishes in two of the bouts, and position himself for big things in 2019.

“Last year was a big year for me,” Jackson told “I went 3-0 with three good wins against solid opponents. Getting those three wins there gave us this (upcoming) opportunity to fight for the belt.

“The decision over Bryce Logan I wish I could have done better in that. I wish I could have gotten a finish, but that happens sometimes against good, game, opponents. The next fight after that one, I knew I definitely had to put the guy away, and I did against Bobby Lee. I have the same mindset for upcoming fights; I have to put these guys away if I want to get a shot at the bigger shows.”

Having been four months since his win over Lee, Jackson has worked on developing his game, but doesn’t feel he’ll truly be able to see where he is at until he has his first fight of 2019.

“You can always have an idea where you’re at with in training, but it doesn’t matter until you go out there in a fight and show it,” said Jackson. “I feel like I’m next level, but I have to go out in this (upcoming) fight and show it.”

At LFA 64 on Friday in Sioux Falls, S.D., Jackson (10-2) will get to showcase his skills in a lightweight championship main event against Harvey Park (11-2).

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“I have to go out there and put on the performance of a lifetime; the best performance I’ve ever put on; and put him away,” Jackson said of Park.

“Every fight starts out striking, and if I like the striking and can land my shots on the feet, I will try to finish it there. If I don’t like how the striking is going, I’ll take the fight to the ground and go for the finish there. Either way I’m looking for a finish, whether it’s on the feet or on the ground.”

For Jackson, getting finishes is the biggest thing in 2019. He feels that if he can not only win, but finish all of his opponents, he’ll be able to step up to the next level before the year is out.

“I go fight by fight, finish by finish,” said Jackson. “Everybody they put in front of me, I’ll finish them until I get the call. I don’t care who they put in front of me, if I finish every fight eventually I’ll get the call.”