by Benoit Barberousse for MMAWeekly.com
The signing ceremony for DEEP’s Women’s Lightweight Championship was held today within the confines of the DEEP Official Gym in the Okubo sector of Tokyo. Reigning Champion Hisae Watanabe and challenger Miku Matsumoto attended to put pen to paper and finalize the anticipated title match.

Speaking to the attendant press, Watanabe stated that she would leave it all in the ring come fight night so as to avert regret. The Champion explained to her audience that her confidence was such that she brings all to bear on her opponent, an interesting comment considering the classic striker versus grappler style match-up between the two.

Matsumoto replied with a smile, simply stating she’d do her best in order to finish the fighter whom frustrated and demolished long-time division best Satoko Shinashi for the title last August.

MMA fans should be eagerly anticipating the championship bout, as Watanabe will face a more dynamic grappler in Matsumoto whereas Matsumoto, who encountered considerable difficulty in matching the stand-up of Watanabe-killer Ham Su-Hi, will face the second best striker in the division with a history of knocking out grapplers who underestimated her jiu-jitsu competency. Such intrigue can only mean that fans are in for a treat tomorrow night.

DEEP 31st Impact
Sunday, August 5, 2007
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Hidehiko Hasegawa vs. Kim Dong-Hyun
Hisae Watanabe vs. Miku Matsumoto
Masakazu Imanari vs. Kim Jong Man
Kazunori Yokota vs. Anthony McDavitt
Barbaro44 vs. Makoto Ishikawa
Yuya Shirai vs. Kozo Urita
Ryuichi Murata vs. Sojiro Ohrui
Keigo Takamori vs. Yang Dong-Yi
Takeshi Yamazaki vs. Toshiaki Kitada
Yusuke Kawaguchi vs. Iro Zeki